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3 Minutes of Silence for Václav Havel Friday, Dec. 23

@Tomki Nemec      How It’s New York:  There is also a Book of Condolences at the Czech Center in NY.  And the Wilma Theater is just a hop from NY, and Blanka often comes in to cast and scout for shows.How It’s Irish:  It’s Celto-Slav. Signing a Book of Condolences is a historical record (De Valera […]

Michelle Woods on Sean Nolan’s Memoir Guys Like Us

Sean Nolan signs books in Manasqan, NJ How it’s New York: Set in and around the Irish Jersey Shore, Guys Like Us: A Memoir of Life Lost and Found is close enough (editor’s note:  tristate!  It’s tristate!  I’m from Jersey!). How it’s Irish: The Nolan family and their myths give some insight into the rise […]

Klezmatics on Conan tonight!

How It’s New York:  The Klezmatics are a New York based group, and klezmer of course has a long tradition in this city!  In fact I just saw a great klezmer band in the show Shlemiel the First.  And trumpeter Frank London  also did the music for Golem at LaMaMa ETC which I also posted […]

Havel and the Brighter Future

How It’s New York:  A lot of New Yorkers have spent time in Prague, and/or had their lives touched by Václav Havel.How It’s Irish:  You could say he wrote his own epitaph.  This is not uniquely Irish, but it’s also Irish.  And of course, Celto-Slav. We put up three posts about Václav Havel, who died […]

Havel’s Leaving, Reviewed, Now that He’s Left Us

How It’s New York:  Václav Havel’s play Leaving is a fabulous play that hasn’t come to New York yet, because its Times review wasn’t strong enough.  Unfortunately, that’s typical.  New Yorkers are prone to think that if it’s good, we’ll get it.  But that isn’t always true.  New York also does not have a Czech bookstore, […]

Edward Einhorn, Havel Presenter, Remembers His Friend, Czech President Václav Havel

How It’s New York:  Edward Einhorn runs Untitled Theatre Company #61, one of New York’s more interesting downtown companies, as well as his Theatre of Ideas blog. where he posted this lovely remembrance.  He also works for the Association of Jewish Theatre.How It’s Irish: It’s Celto-Slav, and Michelle Woods reviewed one of the company’s last productions, […]

Havel na hrad: Flights of Angels

How It’s New York:  The plays of Václav Havel were performed at the Public Theater in the 60s, some before they were in Prague.  After the brief Prague Spring, Havel was a dissident writer who could not be performed there.  He accepted a long overdue Obie from Olympia Dukakis, who had been in The Memorandum at […]

Senator Charles Schumer Unveils New Irish Visa Bill

How It’s New York:  Chuck Schumer is a New York Senator.How It’s Irish:  He proposed this after meeting with Irish community leaders in NY.  Via’s Molly Muldoon, here’s some news we thought you’d want to know about!  It’s not an Arts story per se but it affects an awful lot of artists.  Read it […]

From Cork to New York

How It’s New York: Ireland’s largest county has been well represented in New York of late, with the Irish Arts Center in particular flying the flag well. Earlier this year we were treated to Corkman Ray Scannell’s brilliant play Mimic, the beautiful Alphabet Series exhibition from Cork Print Makers, and the current showcase of poetry […]

The Pipes of Christmas Rouse and Inspire!

How It’s New York:  Some of the best players in NY will be performing at the Pipes of Christmas in NJ and NY, including Chris Layer, who runs the Tuesday seisún at Swift, and is on this week’s podcast.  And the company will play “Lament for the Lost,” commissioned in 2001, on the 10th anniversary […]

Ireland Ups Flow of Greatest Export–Culture

How its New York: Fugetaboutit! Imagine Ireland kicked off in New York and is finishing strong here, the center for Irish arts in America. How its Irish: 1,000 Irish artists and arts professionals fanned out across the US to spread the good word, engaging with US artists and audiences in 40 states JOHN LEE considers […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast December 14


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Mick Moloney talks about “going out on the wren” and his new album “An Irish Christmas:  A Musical Solstice Celebration,” (Concerts at Irish Arts Center (thru 12/18); Gerard Mannix Flynn talks about his show James X, running at the Culture Project (thru 12/18); Chris Layer talks about his […]

A Child’s Christmas in Wales Brings Christmas Home at Irish Rep

Danielle Erin Rhodes, Ashley Robinson (@Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: Dylan Thomas, who wrote the short story that underpins A Child’s Christmas in Wales in Concert, running at Irish Repertory Theatre through Dec. 31, died days after a drinking binge at New York’s White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village in 1953. The show is […]