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The Irish Guard: the Redcoats Are Coming!

How It’s New York:  New Yorkers are watching and talking about it.  Even me.How It’s Irish:  It’s an Irish Regiment.  In the British Army. The Redcoats are coming!  The Redcoats are coming! Michael Caine in Zulu See the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  “He looks like Michael Caine in Zulu,” said my […]

Irish Arts Center’s 10th annual NYC Irish Dance Festival a highlight of “Summer on the Hudson”

MAY 1!  It’s a free, outdoor event going on from 1 to 8, at Riverside Park South at Pier 1.  How It’s New York:  It’s part of the “Summer on the Hudson” Series,  free annual Arts and Cultural Festival in Riverside Park and West Harlem Piers Park presented by the New York City Department of […]

Janie Condon, Raw & Unchained, EXTENDED!

OFF-BROADWAY PERFORMANCES EXTENDED THROUGH MAY 17!  I’m not surprised!  I really enjoyed this show, which is why I had Janie on the podcast April 22– you can download it here.  Check out the review here. And look, the press agents quoted me in the release! “RAW is well done!” – Irish Echo“A brilliant storyteller! In […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast April 28- May 4


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Louise Ryan from the Irish Film Board talks about Irish films in the Tribeca Film Festival; Larry Kirwan of Black 47 talks about the band’s history, and boost at Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar; Steve Duggan, General Manager of Paddy Reilly’s Music Bar talks about the bar and Black […]

Quick Update on Irish Films in Tribeca Film Festival

Not Reviews, but  reviewlets!  I’ve been tweeting about them as I saw them, and if you haven’t yet, please follow us at @nyirisharts. New York:  At Film Festivals people come over.  I love seeing the cast and directors wandering around the village.Irish:  All of these films are by or about Irish subjects…1.  The Lotus Eaters, […]

Paddy Reilly’s 25th Anniversary Concert April 30th!

Paddy Reilly’s Bar is 25 years old this year, and they have been celebrating that through April.  The culminating concert features Black 47, who found their feet playing there and also brought the bar to national attention (it’s one reason the bar still gets a lot of international tourists).  Steve Duggan of Paddy Reilly’s told […]

Short Irish Films in Tribeca Film Festival

How They’re Irish:  The filmmakers Domhnall Gleeson, Peter McDonald and Thomas Hefferon are of course, but I can’t help noticing that each of these seems to emphasize sin or crime and atonement or redemption (even though only Noreen by Gleeson lists “religion” on the TFF website.  Hmm.  Guilt as the Irish condition? Thomas Hefferon, Me, […]

The Good Doctor: Irish Film in the Tribeca Film Festival

I inadvertently left this film out of my round-up yesterday, will add it to my list but meanwhile wanted to highlight it!  I saw it today after The Swell Season (both press screenings), and enjoyed it.  Orlando Bloom is easy on the eyes, even as a brunet, even playing a doctor who crosses boundary after […]

New York Irish Films: Tribeca Film Festival!

The Tribeca Film Festival began April 20 and goes to May 1. There are documentaries, narratives, and shorts.  The Press Office helpfully makes lists of films of particular interest:  African-American, Jewish, Middle East, LBGT, Technology.  They don’t make one for Celtic (yet) though.  The Irish Film Board held a reception last night at the Consul’s […]

Jewish Fans of Celtic Music: Jirish

As promised:  some of the Jirish articles I’ve done in the past.. This one, for the Village Voice in 2008, went viral… I still hear about it!  and I left out as many interviews as I put in, people kept volunteering..  Its inspiration came from a hungry Passover week, too! What makes so many Jewish-Americans […]

New York (Jewish) Irish: Jirish

Look Carefully… this is very Jirish I’m hungry.  It’s Passover week.  Which if you’re Jewish in New York* means not only not eating bread, but also not eating anything made with flour or any “cognate” grain, including beans.  And corn.  Nothing made with corn syrup.  You could have guacamole, but no corn chips.  This takes […]

Mike Farragher Live and on podcast!

We spoke to Mike about the book (read Michelle Woods’ review) and you can hear him on this week’s podcast too– which will be up sometime this weekend (sue me, it’s Passover, I’m hungry and cranky.  More on that later…) Hear are some upcoming dates to hear the man himself!  Note that Friday he’s at […]

Michelle Woods Reviews Mike Farragher’s This is Your Brain on Shamrocks

New York Irish American Books:  New Jersey meets the Old Country in Mike Farragher’s funny collection of essays This Is Your Brain On Shamrocks New York:  Mike’s born and bred in New Jersey, which is more New York than New York, and his columns appear in  New York’s The Irish Voice Irish:  Irish-American, second generation.  […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast for April 22!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Comedian/Actress Jane Condon talks about her one woman show JANIE CONDON:  RAW&UNCHAINED, running at St. Luke’s; Irish actress Fionula Flanagan discusses her role in the new film Kill the Irishman, and the film’s composer Patrick Cassidy tells us how the score came to be.  We also hear from […]