Short Irish Films in Tribeca Film Festival


How They’re Irish:  The filmmakers Domhnall Gleeson, Peter McDonald and Thomas Hefferon are of course, but I can’t help noticing that each of these seems to emphasize sin or crime and atonement or redemption (even though only Noreen by Gleeson lists “religion” on the TFF website.  Hmm.  Guilt as the Irish condition?

Thomas Hefferon, Me, Playwright Gary Duggan

Met Thomas Hefferon at the reception for the Irish films at the Consul’s Residence Thursday night and look forward to having him on the podcast.  He says his films are much better understood in America than at home– spiritually a New Yorker!

[SMIXT] Shorts in Competition: Narrative
Short Narrative, 2010, 18 min

Directed by: Domhnall Gleeson
Plays In: Shorts: Mix Tape

Two cops discover a dead body in a cottage and get more than they bargained for in Noreen. Read More


[SEXIT] Shorts in Competition: Narrative
Short Narrative, 2010, 11 min

Directed by: Peter McDonald
Plays In: Shorts: Exit Strategies

When altar boy Damian receives a priestly pep talk he has a decision to make in Pentecost.

[STAKE] Shorts in Competition: Narrative
Short Narrative, 2011, 9 min

Directed by: Thomas Hefferon
Plays In: Shorts: Take as Directed

Two years after a traumatic car accident that leaves a girl in a vegetative state, the man responsible attempts to atone in Switch.


Public Screenings

Thu, Apr 28, 3:45PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8
Sat, Apr 30, 6:45PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8
Sun, May 01, 2:30PM Tribeca Cinemas Theater 2
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