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Da-mi-an! Da-mi-an! Damian McGinty in Glee Project Finale!

How It’s New York:  Celtic Thunder is playing New York’s Beacon Theatre on September 24!  Get tickets here.   If you’re tristate, not NYC, you’re in luck:  there are dates in the tristate area that week.  Check the tour schedule here!  OK but… Damian won’t be there, you say?  It’s true, I just realized that myself.  But […]

Watch the Rose of Tralee!

How It’s New York:  Watching something from home in a bar– such a New York thing to do!  Whether home is Ireland, Australia, Israel, China.How It’s Irish:  The Rose of Tralee Festival has been running since 1939, and brings young women of Irish descent to County Kerry for a “global celebration of Irish culture,” including […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast August 22


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Kevin May from Guggenheim Grotto (a Dublin folk-rock duo, with Mick Lynch) talks about moving to Brooklyn and songwriting (they’re playing at New York Irish Center August 27); Maire Clerkin insists that Irish Dance is as rich as any other form, following her New York fringe production of […]

The Talls: Anna Kerrigan’s Tall Catholic School Girl Finds Her Feet

How It’s New York:  Playwright Anna Kerrigan comes from California, but she is a New Yorker now, and this professional playwriting debut is happening at Second Stage Theatre Uptown.How It’s Irish:  The Clarkes, the family in the play, are Irish-Catholic.   The four siblings go to Catholic school.   One of them reports that “Coach […]

City of Newsprint: Pete Hamill’s Tabloid City

How It’s New York: New York is the setting for the novel; Pete Hamill is the quintessential New Yorker.How It’s Irish: Hamill is American-Irish, and his protagonist, Sam Briscoe, is half-Irish, half-Jewish, one of the famed Jirish. Michelle Woods loves the vanishing world of print  in Pete Hamill’s Tabloid City, and Pete Hamill’s Jirish protagonist […]

The Bad Arm of a Sure Foot: comic Irish Dance Theatre!

How It’s New York:  The Bad Arm:  Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer appears as part of the New York Fringe; an unjuried festival each August with some gems in the sand; this is one of them.  This is the New York debut of Maire Clerkin’s play, which was a critic’s pick by Back Stage […]

Battlefield Band Album Release Party!

from L-R: Sean O’Donnell, Alasdair White, Ewen Henderson & Mike Katz How It’s New York:  The release is at Swift Hibernian Lounge, one of New York’s East Village Irish bars, your typical “sessions on one night, hipsters the rest” kind of place.  I love it and once had a milestone birthday party there.How It’s Scottish […]

Damian McGinty on Glee Project Semifinals!

In which all of a sudden Nikki thinks Damian is a rock god!  And Ryan tells him he did great “as always!” It’s the last round before the finals on The Glee Project.  Three wil go on, and one won’t. Will Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty, from Derry, be one of them? The theme this week […]

Movie Night Report from the New York Irish Center!

Brenda Fricker, Daniel Day-Lewis, My Left Foot How It’s New York:  …couldn’t resist having a local politician come and say how great it was.  How It’s Irish:  It had the feel of a true community event, with the raffle prizes, home-made concessions and banter.Went to the second ever MOVIE NIGHT at the New York Irish […]

Overview of Catskills Irish Arts Week in this month’s Irish Examiner!

How It’s New York:  Irish Examiner (USA) is one of three Irish weeklies that come out of New York.  It distributes nationwide and even internationally, but also always covers New York intensively.How It’s Irish:  Published by Corkonian Paddy McCarthy, the paper includes some news of Ireland as well as fostering connections between the Irish and […]

How did Damian do in this week’s Glee Project?

How It’s New York:  Well, recapping with intent fits in the life of a busy New Yorker.  OK, it’s a stretch.  but seriously, lots of us have totally gotten out of the habit of watching TV in real time.How It’s Irish: Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty is still from Derry.  They’ve stopped subtitling him, which bodes well. […]

Fall 2011 at Irish Arts Center!

Colin Dunne How It’s New York:  Irish Arts Center has been a New York Institution since its founding in 1972 (filmmaker Jim Sheridan was one of the Founding Fathers, you can hear him on this week’s podcast!).  I’m excited for the money it has received from the City of New York and the Irish Government […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast August 10


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Belinda McKeon discusses inspiration and writing her book Solace; Jim Sheridan discusses Irish-American film and culture reception– and, with Gabriel Byrne, fathers and sons, during the Quiet Man Revisited Exhibit ( Sheridan’s My Left Foot at the New York Irish Center in Queens Aug. 12); Thomas Hefferon and […]

Love in the 60s (age and era): Mary Gordon’s the Love of My Youth

How it’s New York: Mary Gordon teaches at Barnard College in New York and participated in one of the New York Public Library’s “Word for Word” open air readings in Bryant Park.How it’s Irish: She is one of the leading contemporary Irish-American novelists. Michelle Woods learns that love doesn’t have to be Philip Roth and […]