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Music: The Outside Track

How It’s New York: The title of the CD is Flash Company. Where is company more flash than in NYC? How It’s Irish: The band The Outside Track is Canadian, Scottish and Irish. In sweet songs, some with witty twists, and accomplished instrumentals, Flash Company  puts a smile on your face as it seamlessly weaves […]

Music: Favorite Celtic and Irish Christmas CDs

How It’s New York: New York is Christmas town in December, what with the tree at Rockefeller Center and the beautiful shop windows on Fifth Avenue (there was a line just to see them in front of Saks last week!). And music is everywhere. How It’s Irish: Some of these CDs are from Irish artists, […]

Theatre: Trelawny of the Wells

Nisi Sturgis, Jordan Coughtry (@Gerry Goodstein) How It’s (New Jersey) New York: The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey is one of the Tri-State’s treasures. Critics come from NYC to Madison to see work there, and of course some of the actors hail from there as well. How It’s Irish: While playwright Arthur Wing Pinero was […]

Theatre: Floating into “All That Fall”

How It’s New York: This was in NY as part of Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival, one of New York’s most intriguing cultural attraction. How It’s Irish: Pan Pan Theatre is an Irish company, and Samuel Beckett, the playwright, was Irish too.An earlier version of this article first appeared in Irish Examiner USA, […]

Theatre: It’s A Wonderful Life

Max Gordon Moore, Katie Fabel, Peter Maloney and Rory Duffy (@Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: This classic American Christmas story is set in in a fictitious town in upstate New York. How It’s Irish: The big-screen classic is running in the Irish Rep on West 22nd Street, re-imagined as an old-style radio play. In […]

Heritage: a Christmas memory from Larry Kirwan

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan is a quintessential New York rocker, and this nostalgic piece is full of NY detail.How It’s Irish: Larry is originally from Wexford, and this story details his troubled relationship with the IAP (Irish American Princess). This article first appeared in The Irish Echo. Larry recalls Christmases in nightclubs past […]

Film: Unbelievable but True, Mystery of Faith and Intention: Springsteen and I

How It’s (New York) New Jersey: The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, is from New Jersey. Which is a whole separate state from New York, and it’s not a joke when we call it The Garden State. Seriously.How It’s Irish: This contribution to the documentary Springsteen & I is by Kathy Callahan and Charles R. Hale, both […]

A Dublin Nativity

How It’s New York: Lots of Dubliners here, and lots of cheekiness, too.How It’s Irish: This is the Nativity in Dublin speak. Brilliant stuff! It’s the Christmas Season right through until the Baptism of Jesus, on Jan. 13, so it’s definitely not to late to share this wonderful Knacitivity or the Nativity, Dublin Version. “She’s […]

Theatre: Phil Coulter Up Close

Phil Coulter (@Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: This show takes place at New York’s gem of an Off-Broadway theatre, Irish Rep on West 22nd Street, and also Phil has spent a lot of time here.How It’s Irish: Phil Coulter has made a huge difference to Irish music, not least because of his brainchild, Celtic […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast #24: All That Fall


Gavin Quinn talks about All That Fall, a production from his Pan Pan Theatre, that ran at Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival in December.

Murphy Beds’ 1st Album is a Stunner

Originally published in the Irish Echo, 12-12-12. Is there a better name for a US-based trad band than the “Murphy Beds?”  Comprised of Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer (each a singer and multi-instrumentalist; guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, what have you), this duo has just released their eponymous first album of traditional songs and it is a […]

Music: Together for Christmas

How It’s New York: This compilation CD was put together by Anita Daly, of Daly Communications, who is one of the New York Irish movers and shakers.How It’s Irish: It’s Irish rock and some trad and classical, from Emma Kate Tobia to Damien Dempsey to Cherish the Ladies.Advent has started; Hanukkah started last weekend and […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast #23: Pipes of Christmas


Currie talks about The Pipes of Christmas, concerts that take place in New York City on Dec. 15, and in New Jersey on Dec. 16.

Music: Piping in the Christmas Spirit

How It’s New York: The Pipes of Christmas has three Broadway Babies playing with it: composer Steve Gibb is in Jersey Boys, fiddler Paul Woodiel is in Nice Work if You Can Get It, and cellist Sarah Hewitt-Roth is in Elf. How It’s Irish: It’s Scottish, so Celtic, but Clan Currie actually originated in Ireland, […]