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Theatre: “The Master of the Unfinished Sentence”: DruidMurphy Symposium Review

Director Garry Hynes, Actress Marie Mullen and Prof. Patrick Lonergan How It’s New York: This symposium was presented by Fordham University, organized by Dr. John P. Harrington. Scholars and theatre people from the tri-state came out for it. How It’s Irish: The symposium delved into Druid’s presentation of DruidMurphy at the Lincoln Center Festival; a […]

Dan Neely: Fibish DVD Goes Back to Mandolin Basics

How It’s New York: How It’s Irish:  Dan Neely considers an instructional mandolin DVD from Marla Fibissh: these days you can learn even if you’re nowhere near a teacher!  He also reviews a new CD from Texas trad group The Jig Is Up, and mourns the passing of Joe Byrne. A version of this article […]

Music: Mike Farragher talks to OurLand’s Joe Hurley

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny and Joe Hurley How It’s New York: It’s all taking place in Lincoln Center, and it’s an outdoor summer event. Olympics, shmolympics. How It’s Irish: Just look at the line-up! Aedin Moloney, Honor Molloy, Joe Hurley, the cast of Once, Everybody’s going to the OurLand Festival tomorrow– everyone! it starts […]

OurLand Gives Ireland Cross Cultural Spin in Free NYC Fest

How It’s New York: It’s cross cultural, full of marquee acts, it’s at Lincoln Center and its Free and it’s a great excuse to stay in the City this weekend How It’s Irish: Irish music, poetry, writing, dance and artistry with a big serving of Irish American influences John Lee previews  tomorrow’s OurLand Festival:  a […]

Music and Art: L.E. McCullough paints a Portrait of the Artist as Ceoltoir

L.E. McCullough plays at the opening of the exhibit How It’s New York: Recognize some of the names in the WaterElemental Crafts & Fine Art exhibit of artists who are musicians in Lansdale, PA? Thought you would: Iris Nevins, of the Irish American Association of Northwest Jersey; New York flute player Linda Hickman, and many […]

Theatre Review: Michelle Woods on Love’s Labours Lost and The 39 Steps

How it’s New York: This is the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s 26th year, located near Cold Spring, NY (reachable by train and courtesy bus from the station). How it’s (Irish) English: Shakespeare in rep for the summer, along with a witty take on England’s celluloid genius, Alfred Hitchcock. The season runs through Sept. 2. Get […]

Music: Michael Fitzpatrick interviews Michael Brunnock

@Debra Reschoff-Ahearn How It’s New York: Michael Brunnock lives in NYC, and is a member of Fairplay Collective, a group that includes Brendan O’Shea, Mark Dignam and Jenna Nichols. How It’s Irish: Michael is from County Meath, and got his start as a singer in school there. We’re delighted to welcome Michael Fitzpatrick, from Irish […]

The Irish roots of The Boss

Bruce Springsteen (@Matthew Orel) How It’s (New Jersey) New York: Bruce Springsteen is our hometown hero, and made us proud to be from Jersey, even while SNL and others made fun of us. How It’s Irish: Turns out he has Irish roots. I was so happy to hear Glen Hansard singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Drive All […]

Theatre Review: Nice Work if You Can Get It

How It’s New York: It’s the great white way, and the show Nice Work if You Can Get It is based on an earlier show by those New York homies, George and Ira Gershwin. I guess that also makes it Jirish. How It’s Irish: Kelli O’Hara stars, and her family are originally from Clare. Michael […]

Music InteReview: Dan Neely on Irish music in Cleveland

How It’s New York: Brian Holleran grew up in New Jersey. How It’s Irish: Holleran’s album with Brian Bigley is called traditional irish music on flute + pipes,and this essay considers the long history of Irish music in Cleveland, Ohio. Dan Neely discovers that Cleveland, Ohio is a happening place for Irish trad, as he […]

Music: Spend time in The Orchard on Friday with Michael Brunnock

How It’s New York: This series was created to showcase Irish singer-songwriters by Irish New Yorker Susan McKeown. Some of them, like Brendan O’Shea and Michael Brunnock, are New Yorkers now. How It’s Irish: The singers are Irish, and the series took place at the Irish Arts Center. I originally wrote this review a few […]

Tir Na Nóg children’s program begins at New York Irish Center!

How It’s New York: The New York Irish Center is a community center for Irish culture in Long Island City, New York: just one stop away on the 7 from Grand Central. How It’s Irish: Tir Na Nóg is Irish for “land of the young,” and while it means the land of the Sidhe, it […]

Music: Help Susan McKeown’s new CD

Susan McKeown at SongLives  in March How It’s New York: Susan McKeown lives and works in NY, and has become a real force here. She created and curated the SongLives series at Irish Arts Center (see this overview, and hear Susan on this podcast!). How It’s Irish: Susan is from Ireland and is working with […]

Preview Joe Hurley’s OurLand Festival on Out of Ireland tomorrow and Monday

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny and Joe Hu How It’s New York: The show Out of Ireland is a local, WLIW show, and OurLand will take place at Lincoln Center Out of Doors on July 29. How It’s Irish: OurLand is an all-day celebration of Irish culture: and it’s free! The indefatigable Anita Daly, one […]