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Music: Local Talent Shines in Iris Nevins’ String Theory

How It’s New York: Iris Nevins not only programs concerts at the Irish American Association of New Jersey (IAANJ), she also plays locally (a regular at the happy happy happy Cat and Fiddle Session at St. James’ Gate in Maplewood on Sundays), teaches jewelry-making at Catskills Irish Arts Week, and plays at many festivals. She’s […]

Books: Charles Hale wraps up Aug. 23 IAWA Salon

Ron Ryan and Mary Tierney How It’s New York: New York is still one of the world’s great literary homes.How It’s Irish:  IAWA is IRISH-American Writers and Artists. Charles Hale wraps up last week’s IAWA salon. Have you been yet?Salons are normally held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The next salon will […]

Dance: Peggie Madden-Marano on crazy Irish Dance moms

How It’s New York: Dance Moms, the television show. Heard of it? It’s set in Pittsburgh, but we’ve got them in NY too. Some of them are Irish Dance Moms, as Peggie Marano explains. How It’s Irish: It’s Irish dance, and it has its own weird, wacky and wonderful traditions, including the dreaded wig. (for […]

Heritage: Is there an Irish-American vote?

Barack Obama at The Dubliner pub, D.C., St. Patrick’s Day 2012 How It’s New York: Much of New York was built by the Irish, and the Irish-American vote has deep roots here. See, for example, the new BBC America show Copper (yeah, do see it, we love it!) How It’s Irish: Paul Ryan and Joe […]

Film: Michael Fitzpatrick talks to Colm Meaney about Hell on Wheels

Colm Meaney as Railroad Baron Thomas Doc Durant  (AMC) How It’s New York: Michael Fitzpatrick is a Big Apple-based writer for the Irish Examiner.  How It’s Irish: Colm Meaney is one of the most acclaimed Irish actors of his generation.  An earlier version of this article was first published in Irish Examiner USA, November 8, […]

Books: Mike Farragher says Back to School no Longer "Tough"

How It’s New York: Mike Farragher lives in New Jersey. How It’s Irish: Mike is Irish-American, and officially Jirish too (note his use of “zaftig!”) Mike Farragher is the author of This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks…we’re looking forward to the sequel, and it’s coming soon! Listen to Mike on this podcast, and read our […]

Music: Congratulations to the Fleadh 2012 Winners!

Haley Richardson, 10 years old, silver medal winner How It’s New York: Lots of players from the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh went to compete. We congratulate them all for getting to that place, whether they won or not! How It’s Irish: The Fleadh (in Cavan this year) is THE mark of achievement in Irish music. Winners are […]

Music: Tony Horswill on “Brummie Irish” and a new music week in Birmingham

Session at The Spotted Dog. Do you see Tony? How It’s New York: Tony Horswill is a beloved figure in music in the tristate; he leads the Cat and Fiddle Session at St. James’ Gate in Maplewood, NJ, with Tom Dunne, and also plays in the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. How It’s Irish: […]

Music: Dan Neely says Milwaukee Gives Big Nod to Bluegrass

How It’s New York: Bluegrass and banjo are big in NYC, and the presence of Mick Moloney has mad Irish banjo prevalent too. Dan Neely, who penned this article, learned banjo from Mick. How It’s Irish: Dan looks at the presence of some trad-fusion groups, including WeBanjo3, at Milwaukee Irish Fest. Dan Neely looks at […]

Larry Kirwan remembers a teenage summer of love and music

How It’s New York: Larry Kirwan is a New Yorker now, and in fact his play Hard Times will open soon at The Cell. How It’s Irish:This prose-poem recalls a teenage summer in Wexford, the romance mixed with music and shyness is quintessentially Irish. An earlier version of this post was published in The Irish […]

Books: newbie night at the IAWA Salon

How It’s New York: The Irish-American Writers and Artists is a NY based group, and the Salons bring out some of the best people in the city! How It’s Irish:The people are Irish-American or Irish or VERY closely affiliated, and often the stories are too. Charles Hale wraps up the last salon, which included a […]

Music: Máirtín de Cógáin talks about Cork

How It’s New York: Máirtín de Cógáin has played a lot in NYC, appearing more than once at the Lillie’s session. How It’s Irish: Máirtín is from Cork, and he’s seeking funding to help support his DVD about “The People’s Republic of Cork,” to be called From Cork with Love: a Travelogue of the Beautiful […]

Film: The Hunger Games: It is not “Lord of the Flies”

THE HUNGER GAMES It is not “Lord of the Flies” How It’s New York:  because New Yorkers had been obsessed about its release when it came out, sleeping on line at a Barnes &Nobles’ appearance of some cast members like fans waiting for rockstars.  The DVD comes out August 18. How It’s Irish: because the […]

Art: Children’s mural/artist reception at Irish Arts Center

How It’s New York: what is more New York than Hell’s Kitchen, and the terrific blend of ethnicities? How It’s Irish: The event takes place at Irish Arts Center, and it’s inspired by a translation of the poem “In the Footsteps of Colmcille”by John Montague. From our friends at the Irish Arts Center: an event […]