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Theatre: Mike Fitzpatrick interviewes “For Love’s” John Duddy

How It’s New York: John Duddy lives in New York, and is in the 1st Irish Theatre Festival, a theatre festival created for New Yorkers.How It’s Irish: John is from Derry, and the play For Love is set in Ireland. John Duddy, boxer and actor from Derry, currently appears in Laoisa Sexton’s For Love, part […]

Music: My Conversation with Judy Collins

How It’s New York: Judy Collins is being honored by the Irish American Writers and Artists on Oct. 15 as their winner of the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award!How It’s Irish: Apart from the organization honoring her, turns out Judy herself has an Irish background, and talks about how her heritage has affected her art, […]

Music: Nuala Kennedy’s new album

(@Louis Decarlo) How It’s New York: Nuala Kennedy lived in New York much of 2011-2012, has played with many NYC musicians and took pictures for the art in NYC.How It’s Irish: Nuala is from Ireland, and played in a Ceili band from the age of 13.A version of this review was first published in Irish […]

Last Thing on My Mind

Tom Paxton will be joining members of the Irish American Writers and Artists and many others to honor singer/songwriter Judy Collins at the IAW&A’s Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award Event on Oct. 15. Tom’s songs have been recorded by Judy, Pete Seeger, Peter Paul and Mary, Willie Nelson, John Denver, and Joan Baez to name […]

Theatre: 1st Irish so far

Pat Kinevane in Silent (@Ger Blanch) How It’s New York: The 1st Irish Festival is a New York event, conceived in New York, for a  New York audience.How It’s Irish: It’s the 1st IRISH Festival, with plays by Irish and Irish-American writers.Here’s my wrap-up of what I’ve seen so far in the Festival: these plays […]

Songs of Sorrow by Stephen Foster, My Ancestor’s New York Neighbor

How It’s New York: This is a New York story,about life in the Five Points during the 19th century.How It’s Irish: Charles R. Hale recalls his family’s immigration story from Newry. Larry Kirwan’s brilliant play Hard Times, currently running at The Cell Theatre in New York City, reminds me of my family’s connection to Stephen […]

Music: SongLives with Wallis Bird and Niall Connolly at the Irish Arts Center

How It’s New York: SongLives is a series at the Irish Arts Center that brings the richness of the busking tradition of Dublin’s Grafton Street to New York City featuring some of Ireland’s best contemporary songwriters.  It’s curated by singer/songwriter Susan McKeown. We’ve covered some of their concerts: Here’s our coverage of Michael Brunnock and […]

May You Be Sealed: Yom Kippur

This is a reprint of the post I did last year — while the events are now a year old, the basic ideas in this post haven’t changed one bit. And I love me some Joley… hope you all are sealed for a wonderful, wonderful year! How It’s New York:  Today I got a text […]

Theatre: Larry Kirwan’s "Hard Times" Resurrects a Forgotten 19th Century Community and Brings a Modern Audience to Its Feet

How It’s New York: Hard Times takes place in a bar in Manhattan’s old neighborhood of Five Points and is running through September 30th at the Cell Theatre in Chelsea.    How It’s Irish: Hard Times was written by Wexford man, Larry Kirwan, playwright, novelist, author, and leader of the band Black ’47.  It is […]

Music: Tift Merritt and Chris Mills at City Winery tonight!

How It’s New York: City Winery is one of our favorite places in NY, and Tift, originally from North Carolina, lives here now.How It’s Irish: Tift Merritt is very popular in Ireland. She has pictures of Ireland on her Myspace page. And her country twang has a clear relationship with Irish music. If you like […]

Film: Wee Craic tonight- photos!

How It’s New York: The Craic Festival was conceived by local Terence Mulligan, and brings Irish film to a NY audience. You can read an interview I did with Terence for Irish Examiner USA last year here.How It’s Irish: The films are Irish, a few Irish-American. Tonight is a series of short films, followed by […]

TV InteReview: You’ve Got Me, Copper

How It’s New York: The show is set in NYC, in Five Points in 1863. Its story is quintessential New York: immigrants jammed together hustling to get by.How It’s Irish: Irish music, Irish-American cop(pers) abound! Are you watching Copper, on BBC America yet? If the music sounds familiar, it’s because it’s serious trad: Joanie Madden […]

Books: IAWA salon wrap-up from Tuesday, Sept. 18

Charles Hale emcees (@Cat Dwuer) How It’s New York: The Irish American Writers and Artists Salon is a NYC original! There will be a New Jersey installment on 9/27.How It’s Irish: Stories, and people, have Irishness built in at these events. And, they’re always full of sociability. Charles R. Hale gives us another stimulating wrap-up […]

1st Irish Review: Setanta Murphy of a Tuesday Night

HOW IT’S NEW YORK:  The reading took place in the AmericanIrish Historical Society’s beautiful townhouse on 5th Avenue, just across the way from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. HOW IT’S IRISH:  Writer-actor-director Garrett Keogh was born in Dublin, and his play is about one of the city’s “auld ones”. It’s part of the 1st Irish […]