Congressman learned about terror from the IRA

How it’s New York: I’ll go out on a limb and say that after 9/11, anything dealing with Homeland Security affects New Yorkers. What’s more, Peter King represents Long Island (NY-3).
Peter King

Peter Kingrepresents Long Island (NY-3) in Congress.

How it’s Irish: King hates terrorism, except when it’s coming from the I.R.A. Yep. Truth is stranger than fiction. This has been out there for awhile, but it’s new to us, so we thought we’d share. Hell, even his Wiki entry states he was an IRA supporter. And we all know everything on Wiki is true, so….
Tool Of Terrorism, Victim Of Irony (via

As a result of a recent event involving an aircraft and underpants Representative Peter King (R-Not From Iowa), the senior Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, has again come forth to bring his expertise on questions of international terrorism to the national debate. King, a Congressman…


  1. Good point, but the IRA is not and never was an enemy of the United States. The IRA has never beheaded Americans, has never flown planes into our buildings nor have they ever proclaimed their hatred of America.

  2. Gwen Orel Gwen Orel says:

    Thank you for your comment Thomas; that is worth noting. I didn’t write this piece, but I thought it was very interesting. Of course, a certain amount of hypocrisy in politicians is hardly surprising– the same Oklahoma politicians who didn’t want aid to Sandy victims want it for their state, so…