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Podcast #26 (fixed): Stephen Rea


Gwen talks to Stephen Rea, appearing as Oedipus/Otto in Sam Shepard’s new play “A Particle of Dread.” Tune from new CD by James Cleveland and Jim Norman.

At The Mike Stand With…..Danny O’Donoghue (The Script)

Michael Fitzpatrick finds out that The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue has a favorite Monkee.

“Howie the Rookie” sizzles at BAM

Tpm Vaughan-Lawlor sizzles as he paints the pictures of the joy riding, violent and even sexy exploits of Howie and his cohorts in Mark O’Rowe’s “Howie the Rookie.”

Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw – Overly Long Mind Play

Despite some uneven acting, Philomena Connors says of “Major Barbara” from Gingold and The Pearl Theatre, that ” you have to love Shaw’s astute view of people and society.”

The Irish Rep Throws A Party

Mark Butler reports on Irish Rep’s groundbreaking in September– full of hardhats and song!

Muldoon’s Picnic Series at IAC is Superb – Do Not Miss

How it’s New York: Irish Arts Center. How it’s Irish: Irish born Paul Muldoon is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet and one of the most significant post World War 2 poets.  Irishman Martin Hayes is a renowned fiddle player from Ireland. Muldoon’s Picnic is a combination of music and the spoken word hosted by poet […]

New York Tradfest’s Saturday Night Concert: A Remarkable Showcase of Music and Dance

John Kearns attended the second New York Trad Fest, and found it ” a remarkable showcase for the traditional musicians of New York and their visiting friends.”

Peter Quinn, and Fintan Dunne – “the suave Irishman who women find irresistible”

Tony Horswill finds Peter Quinn’s “Dry Bones” a “gripping web of historical detail and intrigue.

The Stepcrew makes a big splash!

Jayne Pomplas says The Stepcrew “makes you want to dance!”

‘The Spirit of Old Dublin’ by Liam Fitzpatrick

What if Jonathan Swift, satirist and patriot, roamed Dublin today? Liam Swift wonders, in this original poem.

Moya Brennan Brings Irish Christmas Spirit to New York

Christmas was unwrapped at Klub 45 on Sunday night, with Moya Brennan, Cormac De Barra and Ashley Davis easing us into the spirit of the season.

Hazmat suits and country music in intriguing ‘Lippy’

Dead Centre’s ‘Lippy’ skims a theatrical surface. But the image of Hazmatted women swaying like flowers is burned into my memory.

Damien Rice is back!

How it’s New York: Damien Rice appeared on The Late Show with Letterman to promote his new album How it’s Irish: He is an internationally successful Irish singer songwriter After an eight-year sabbatical following his best selling album,’O‘, Damien Rice is back with a new release, ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy‘. This time he is accompanied […]

Camille O’Sullivan is Superstar Material

Camille O’Sullivan, says Seamus Scanlon, is in a league of her own: “superstar material.”