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Catch Frances Black in the Catskills tonight!

Song bird Frances Black appears in the Catskills tonight, and New York Irish Center tomorrow. This is a big Irish weekend in East Durham, too!

Genocide, Theatre, and the News Media: Talkback after 7/16 Performance of “The International”

John Kearns attends a panel on war and genocide, after the play “The International” by Tim Ruddy, with the director, playwright, and two well-known journalists who’ve reported on genocide.

Short Story “Tulip Street” by John Kearns

Sailing the sea is perilous, in Ireland or in Philadelphia. John Kearns shares his short story “Tulip Street,” set in Philadelphia.

Tim Ruddy’s “The International”: Pure, Powerful Storytelling

John Kearns finds Tim Ruddy’s “The International” a searing look at war and how it impacts everyone involved.

Andy Lamy wields ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’

Andy Lamy’s ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’ shows that clarinet plays in tune with Irish trad. Why not?

Podcast #31: Dan Neely on Irish Week at the Augusta Heritage Center


Gwen Orel talks to Dan Neely, who coordinats Irish Week at the Augusta Heritage Center at Davis and Elkins College.

Tinwhistle Manufacture Enters the Digital Age

L.E. McCullough interviews Jerry Freeman, the only full-time ‘tin whistle tweaker.’

Jimmy’s Hall from director Ken Loach

Alice Farrell caught “Jimmy’s Hall” during the Tribeca Film Festival and found it a terrific period piece with wonderful performances.

New Ideas Take Flight at the New York-New Belfast Conference

Darrah Carr reports back on the New York- New Belfast conference held in June, where loads of NYC’s Irish culture movers and shakers turned up to speak.

From the Temple to the Sanctuary

Jenifer Hopkins refuses to use the word “fusion” about an enthralling concert with Zakir Hussain of India and Celtic musicians at Carnegie Hall this past March.