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Podcast #32: Ciaran Byrne on ‘Public Morals’


Gwen Orel talks to Newry actor Ciaran Byrne talks about becoming an actor, and about the new TNT drama “Public Morals.”

Savage F*cks of Dublintown – Kevin Holohan, Honor Molloy, Maeve Price and Michelle Woods read Joyce, Brennan, McCabe and more*

Three contributors to New York Irish Arts read from their work and from the work of famous writers!

Oscar Wilde In New York—MAS Tour

How it’s New York: Event organized by the Municipal Arts Society of New York How it’s Irish: Famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, and his visits to New York in 1882 Did you know that long before his dramatic life in London and Paris, Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet, dramatist and wit, spent an entire year […]