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Laoisa Sexton brings her new play “The Pigeon in the Taj Mahal” to the Irish Rep

Sexton weaves a tale of love, loss, yearning, awakening and abject despair all wrapped up in a big ball of comedy. A wild ride she takes along with the hilarious John Keating as Pigeon, and the raucous and ribald Zoë Watkins as Aunty Rosie and Johnny Hopkins as the brutish boyfriend Josie.

Childsplay, with Karan Casey, return to Symphony Space tonight, Nov. 18, 2016!

 Childsplay return to SymphonySpace tonight, Nov. 18, 2016, so we thought we’d republish this piece. Karan Casey sings!   How It’s New York:  Childsplay are playing Symphony Space tonight, Dec. 1.  Symphony Space is one of the great places to hear music or literature in New York (Edna O’Brien read there with Selected Shorts; Mick […]

New York Tradfest, for the fourth time!

For the fourth year, Tony Demarco has organized New York Tradfest. It will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at Pier A Harbor House, and should be a grand night!

Irish Screen America Festival – NY Friday September 30th through Sunday October 2nd. – NYU Cantor Film Center

Alice Farrell had a blast covering the 2016 Irish Screen America Festival in New York at the NYU Cantor Film Center. The Festival is the brainchild of Irish film-maker/producer Niall McKay and his Deputy Director Clodagh Bowyer.

‘New York City: A Shining Mosaic’ review

“New York City: a Shining Mosaic” makes Mike Fitzpatrick think about what New York and the Immigrant have offered one another over the years.

“Crackskull Row” at Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival

The rough-hewn walls, threadbare curtains and dilapidated leather sofa set the stage for an intense slice of Dublin life in Honor Molloy’s play “Crackskull Row.”

An agonizing, haunting look at famine in Donnacha Dennehy’s “The Hunger”

“The Hunger” is a haunting, unsettling look at the Irish famine, with the powerful vocals of Katherine Manley and Iarla O Lionaird, and the music of Alarm Will Sound.

Ann Kirrane’s ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ brings in a rainbow

Ann Kirrane’s lovely new CD ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ fills a room with light.

‘The Cure’ by Conal Creedon, Directed by Tim Ruddy.

Mike Fitzpatrick reviews Conal Creedon’s “The Cure,” and finds Mellamphy’s portrayal of John Murphy, a washed-up, broken-down and burnt-out survivor of Cork’s Christian Brothers schools, welcoming natural force, brushing aside any stereotypical ideas we might have of an Irish man who likes a pint.ʼ

Glen Hansard at Carnegie Hall – September 14, 2016

Alice Farrell first met Glen Hansard 25 years ago at Sin-é, an East Village café that was once at the epicenter of hot young Irish rock and Trad culture. Here’s her review of his solo show at Carnegie Hall.

Remembering 9/11: Should Art Always Have to Make Nice?

L.E. McCullough observes that art can help us remember: and therefore should not always comfort.

Barnes and Noble hosts Sept. 22 book signing for new Interfaith prayer collection

L.E. McCullough, who writes for this ‘zine, lets us know about a new book of Interfaith Prayers that he co-edited with the Rev. Elizabeth Bansavage, and a book-signing on Sept. 22.

9/11 memories: A day when nothing felt real

NYIA contributor Erin Roll – a high school student on Sept. 11 – shares her memories of the attacks and aftermath.

How A Sleepy Tuesday Morning Became Deadly History on 9/11

Suze Sylvester recalls where she was on 9/11.