Archives for July 2016

Andrew Finn Magill’s ‘Roots’ go deep

Gwen Orel reviews Andrew Finn Magill’s ‘Roots’: an album which shows ‘deft mastery.’

The great Joe Derrane (1930-2016), ‘genius of a musician,’ preferred to play

Gwen Orel’s 2010 interview with the late Joe Derrane, a man who’d rather play than talk.

Kids of All Ages Welcome

Tony Horswill and Kevin Crawford dissect some of the “lunacy” of Growing Up Trad

Do you know this tune? Fairy tale in the Catskills, or McGrath’s Waltz

Gwen Orel recalls receiving a tune from the Good Folk in the Catksills during the summer of 2015.

Podcast #37: Ciarán Hinds on ‘The Crucible’


Gwen Orel talks to Ciarán Hinds about his role in ‘The Crucible,’ including the dog onstage.

Legendary Quotes of Irish Wit #83: Honor Molloy

Michael Fitzpatrick quotes one of his favorite lines from author Honor Molloy.