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Ann Kirrane’s ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ brings in a rainbow

Ann Kirrane’s lovely new CD ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ fills a room with light.

‘The Cure’ by Conal Creedon, Directed by Tim Ruddy.

Mike Fitzpatrick reviews Conal Creedon’s “The Cure,” and finds Mellamphy’s portrayal of John Murphy, a washed-up, broken-down and burnt-out survivor of Cork’s Christian Brothers schools, welcoming natural force, brushing aside any stereotypical ideas we might have of an Irish man who likes a pint.ʼ

Glen Hansard at Carnegie Hall – September 14, 2016

Alice Farrell first met Glen Hansard 25 years ago at Sin-é, an East Village café that was once at the epicenter of hot young Irish rock and Trad culture. Here’s her review of his solo show at Carnegie Hall.

Remembering 9/11: Should Art Always Have to Make Nice?

L.E. McCullough observes that art can help us remember: and therefore should not always comfort.

Barnes and Noble hosts Sept. 22 book signing for new Interfaith prayer collection

L.E. McCullough, who writes for this ‘zine, lets us know about a new book of Interfaith Prayers that he co-edited with the Rev. Elizabeth Bansavage, and a book-signing on Sept. 22.

9/11 memories: A day when nothing felt real

NYIA contributor Erin Roll – a high school student on Sept. 11 – shares her memories of the attacks and aftermath.

How A Sleepy Tuesday Morning Became Deadly History on 9/11

Suze Sylvester recalls where she was on 9/11.

Glen Hansard at Carnegie Hall

Alice Farrell is excited to see Glen Hansard at Carnegie Hall this week.

9/11 and Political Theatre

Gwen Orel’s 2007 essay on 9/11 and political theatre: “Telling the full truth will always be a political act.”

Murray Defeated Dimitrov In R4 Of US Open – Then Why Did The Scot Clutch Her Head?

Suze Sylvester describes exciting tennis from Scotsman Andy Murray at the U.S. Open this past week.

Fifteen Years Later

Mike Fitzpatrick recalls 9/111 and where he was, 15 years later.

Don’t miss ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’

“Dancing at the Crossroads” by Kevin Ferguson is on PBS tonight, Sept. 4- don’t miss this wonderful glimpse at the Emerald Isle of New York. (and if you do miss it, buy the DVD!)