Irish-American writer Jimmy Breslin dead at 88

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How it’s New York: Jimmy Breslin wrote about New York: “a New York Institution.”

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How it’s Irish: Breslin was Irish-American.


Newspaper icon Jimmy Breslin dies at 88

Jimmy Breslin, the street-savvy, Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist whose two-fisted prose championing the little guy and pillorying those who betrayed the public trust made him a New York City institution for more than 40 years, died Sunday. He was 88. Breslin, who also turned out a string of fiction and nonfiction books, died of complications from…


  1. Irish Eddie says:

    I saw Jimmy Breslin many times in Queens bars, getting sloshed. The next day, I’d see a column he’d written about a story he hadn’t really covered in a place he hadn’t bothered to travel to.

    Breslin hadn’t been a genuine reporter in 40 years. In fact, if David Berkowitz hadn’t dropped the Son of Sam story in Breslin’s lap, it would be closer to 50 years.

    Did Breslin break the story of corruption in the Queens Democratic Party machine, or the scandals that led to Donald Manes’ suicide? Nope. Breslin was a lazy lush, too busy drinking and making up interviews he’d never actually conducted with characters who never existed.

    Worse yet, like James T. Farrell, Breslin despised the Irish Catholic working class he grew up among.

    This is not a man any Irish American should honor or mourn.

    • Gwen Orel Gwen Orel says:

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your opinion! I never met him– I’ve admired his writing but I see your POV.