New Ideas Take Flight at the New York-New Belfast Conference

Darrah Carr reports back on the New York- New Belfast conference held in June, where loads of NYC’s Irish culture movers and shakers turned up to speak.

“McGoldrick’s Thread” Weaves a Tale of Irish Dancing Dreams

Darrah Carr reviews “McGoldrick’s Thread” – a heartwarming new Irish musical with a unique approach to Irish dance, a must for devotees of Irish dance.

Dance: Dancing All Day at The New York City Irish Dance Festival

Darrah Carr Dance company members perform Cuimhne Fado. (@Brian Rossi) How It’s New York: This fun day of dance took place outside at Riverside Park, with, as Darrah Carr tells us, “the sparkling Hudson River in front of us.”  It was presented by New York’s own Irish Arts Center. How It’s Irish: It is an […]

Riversidedance: The New York City Irish Dance Festival – A Day of Dance on the Hudson!

Courtesy of the Irish Arts Center How it’s New York: The free, outdoor festival is located at Riverside Park South on Pier I at W 68th Street  – one of the city’s best waterfront parks. How it’s Irish: The festival features virtuosic displays of one of Ireland’s most recognizable cultural exports – Irish step dance! Dancer […]