The Pictures of Dorian Gray

John Cooper visits a new bar called Dorian Gray, quaffs the namesake brew, and names the literary figures on the walls.

Turning Points: Oscar Wilde Returns To BAM

John Cooper, creator of the documentary archive Oscar Wilde In America, previews the revival of The Judas Kiss at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), a play that focuses on two crucial moments in Oscar Wilde’s downfall.

Oscar Wilde In New York—MAS Tour

How it’s New York: Event organized by the Municipal Arts Society of New York How it’s Irish: Famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, and his visits to New York in 1882 Did you know that long before his dramatic life in London and Paris, Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet, dramatist and wit, spent an entire year […]

Oscar Wilde Walking Tour — MAS

How it’s New York: Event organized New York the Municipal Arts Society of New York How it’s Irish: Oscar Wilde’s famous visit to New York in 1882   This tour run by the Municipal Arts Society usually sells out: Oscar Wilde in New York — MAS Walking Tour  

Oscar Wilde in Galway

How it’s New York: Just a short hop over from JFK to Shannon. How it’s Irish: Oscar Wilde! If you ever go across the sea to Ireland…now would be a good time to go. It’s the second annual Oscar Wilde Festival. September 5-7th. For details visit: Oscar Wilde Festival

Oscar Wilde on St. Patrick’s Day

How it’s New York: Oscar Wilde arrived in New York in January 1882 for a series of lectures across America. How it’s Irish: Oscar Wilde: Irish poet, dramatist and wit. “A Pride I Cannot Properly Acknowledge” On St. Patrick’s Day 1882, during his lecture tour of north America, Oscar Wilde happened to be in St. […]

James Edward Kelly’s Etching of Oscar Wilde

John Cooper describes an etching of Oscar Wilde by James Edward Kelly,

Oscar Wilde in New York

How It’s New York:  It takes place in, and is about, New York.How It’s Irish:   It’s about an Irish gentleman named Oscar Wilde. April 27 Oscar Wilde in New York: 11:00 AM Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet, dramatist and wit, famous for his life in London and Paris, spent all of 1882 in America on an extended […]

NBC: Oscar Wilde and a change in English law

How It’s New York: Oscar Wilde visited New York in the 80s– 1880s, that is. John Cooper, who was consulted for this piece, has a blog focusing on Oscar in America!How It’s Irish: Oscar was Irish. Blogger John Coper, was consulted – in an extremely minor way – for this piece. Bravo to NBC for […]

Oscar Wilde In New York

How It’s New York: It’s a guided walking tour of New York where Oscar Wilde spent more time  than anywhere else on his lecture tour of America in 1882. How It’s Irish: Oscar was a celebrated Irish poet, dramatist and wit.  www.oscarwildeinnewyork.comTake a leafy stroll through Madison Square Park, Gramercy Park, and Greenwich Village to trace Oscar Wilde’s debut in the social […]

Oscar Wilde in America

*|MC:SUBJECT|* Oscar WildeIn America Why It’s New York Irish Arts: It’s a cross-post from Oscar Wilde In America by guest blogger John Cooper, because it’s Oscar Wilde’s birthday.How It’s New York: Oscar Wilde arrived in New York for a lecture tour of America in 1882, and he spent more time in New York than anywhere else.How It’s Irish: Oscar was a celebrated Irish poet, dramatist […]