Eamon Loingsigh launches novel “Light of the Diddicoy” at ALL BOOKED UP

How it’s New York: It’s a literary love fest in Greenwich Village launching Eamon Loingsigh’s “Light of the Diddicoy,” a gripping novel set in a very pre-hipster Irish Brooklyn of a century ago. And in the multi-cultural spirit on NYC, Loingsigh shares the program with prominent Italian-American writer Richard Vetere. How it’s Irish: Set in the year […]

Festive IBO 40th Anniversary Celebration will honor Senator George Mitchell

Sen. George Mitchell is the honoree at the Irish Business Organization’s 40th anniversary celebration dinner.

Award Winners Olympia Dukakis, Debra Messing, Doug Hughes to Laud John Patrick Shanley at 2013 Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award

John Patrick Shanley will be honored with the Eugene O’Neill Award at the Irish American Writers and Artists on Monday, Oct. 21.

Irish History & Heritage Site Celebrates Relaunch with On-Line Event Saturday

How it’s New York: The site was started over 15 years ago in NYC and still operates out of Queens. On it you’ll find many New York Irish stories and articles from NYC area writers. The old site is giving way to a new improved site, and what’s more New York than that? How it’s […]

An Irish Cross-Cultural Christmas in NYC

How it’s New York: It’s in Hell’s Kitchens, it’s an NYC tradition, it’s a melting pot of musical influences, it’s a tough ticket to come by and in an Off-Broadway theater. How it’s Irish: There’s Mick Moloney for starters, then just look at the line-up and guest stars and what about the venue? Hey, the show has the […]

Iconic NYC Photo Published 80 Years Ago Still Intrigues

How It’s New York:  Ironworkers with attitudes, sons of immigrants, rugged individuals risking their lives for an honest job during the Great depression, 68 floors up in the bones of 30 Rock, Central Park spread out behind…it’s one of those images that embodies NYC. Photo credit: Bettmann/Corbis How It’s Irish: Good chance that most if not all […]

OurLand Gives Ireland Cross Cultural Spin in Free NYC Fest

How It’s New York: It’s cross cultural, full of marquee acts, it’s at Lincoln Center and its Free and it’s a great excuse to stay in the City this weekend How It’s Irish: Irish music, poetry, writing, dance and artistry with a big serving of Irish American influences John Lee previews  tomorrow’s OurLand Festival:  a […]

Judy Collins to Receive 2012 Eugene O’Neill Award

How It’s New York: Judy Collins lives here in NYC on the not so emerald isle of Manhattan.  And the event honoring her will be held in Times Square!How It’s Irish: Irish roots on both sides of the family and her father was quite the Irish tenor. John Lee brings us the good news: Singer, […]

Irish eyes on China, a Chinese man eyes Ireland

How It’s New York: It’s a counterpoint to the typical story of the beleaguered Irish immigrant making his way to New York, trying to cope with the new world. And how do you say “fugetaboutit” in Irish? Ed Shevlin might be the guy to ask. How It’s Irish: It’s a dream about Ireland, and dreams […]

Theatre Review: Who Speaks for Ireland? Rebel voices have their say in “Blood” & “Dancing at Lunacy”

How It’s New York: The plays are written by a New York rock legend (Larry Kirwan) and a City College professor (Seamus Scanlon), it’s playing in a cool downtown NYC theatre space, and it’s getting the enough New York buzz to extend its run: through Mar. 29! How It’s Irish: It’s about rebellion, The Rising […]

Ireland Ups Flow of Greatest Export–Culture

How its New York: Fugetaboutit! Imagine Ireland kicked off in New York and is finishing strong here, the center for Irish arts in America. How its Irish: 1,000 Irish artists and arts professionals fanned out across the US to spread the good word, engaging with US artists and audiences in 40 states JOHN LEE considers […]

Irish Teen Singer-Songwriter Mark Boylan at Breeders’ Cup

How It’s New York: We love those “you’re going out an understudy, coming back a star” stories.  A teenager getting tapped by his YouTube video is our kind of story. How It’s Irish:  Mark Boylan and his family are from County Offaly.  And the Irish have a great respect for, love of, and deep understanding […]