Beckett Out Loud with Kevin Holohan, Honor Molloy and Maeve Price

Beckett is funnier read aloud– and three Dubliners are doing that on Saturday, March 15, at 4 p.m.

A Keats and Chapman moment

All this and Kafka too: Kevin Holohan riffs on Flann O’Brien’s Keats and Chapman and brings Prague too.

Kevin Holohan’s Bloomsday Twiterature

Kevin Holohan gives us “Bloomsday Twiterature,” wherein, he writes, “we finally catch sight of the bauld Stephen Daedalus.

‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’ has perfect pitch

Kevin Holohan finds Louis Lovett’s one-man show “The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly” a “treasured piece of theatre.” “No kids? Go anyway!”

An 85-Billion Euro Picture

How it’s New York: Kevin Holohan is an Irish writer who lives in Brooklyn and will be taking part in “Favorite Poems” at The Irish Arts Center at 8pm on November 2 to launch Poerty Fest 2012. How it’s Irish: It’s a rumination on Celtic Tigers and other odd fauna. There is an old saw that says “a […]

Books: Words by the Water: Akashic Books Night, August 20th, 7pm

How It’s New York: Summer in NYC, the publishing capital of the world (I think it still is), always involves outdoor fun. So here’s an outdoor event about books. How It’s Irish: Some of the writers are Irish, including NYIA’s own Kevin Holohan. The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and WORD present Words by […]

A Little Play: “Advanced Degree of Management-Speak”

Trinity College, Dublin (@AndrewHavis) How It’s New York: Turning academics and art into business is so very Madison Avenue, even if it didn’t start here.How It’s Irish:This piece was inspired by the state of things in Irish univeristies, and written by Irish writer, New York-based Kevin Holohan. New York is full of writers whose genius […]