New Book on Irish Music by L.E. McCullough

“What Whistle Would You Play at Your Mother’s Funeral?” is a far-ranging tour guide of the many unusual places scholar/performer L.E. McCullough has visited in search of the Irish music grail, and the hundreds of other performers, session-attenders and concert-goers met along the way.

Remembering 9/11: Should Art Always Have to Make Nice?

L.E. McCullough observes that art can help us remember: and therefore should not always comfort.

Barnes and Noble hosts Sept. 22 book signing for new Interfaith prayer collection

L.E. McCullough, who writes for this ‘zine, lets us know about a new book of Interfaith Prayers that he co-edited with the Rev. Elizabeth Bansavage, and a book-signing on Sept. 22.

Tinwhistle Manufacture Enters the Digital Age

L.E. McCullough interviews Jerry Freeman, the only full-time ‘tin whistle tweaker.’

Girsa presents “An Irish Musical Christmas” at Hamilton Stage in Rahway NJ

The Irish-American trad girl group (“girsa” means young woman) presents an Irish Christmas show in New Jersey.

“Himself and Nora” — Irish Literary Genius in 5-Part Harmony

L.E. McCullough reviews Jon Brielle’s “Himself and Nora”: “a well-structured ensemble piece”

Giving Joyce a Voice: Interview with Playwright-Composer Jonathan Brielle

L.E. McCullough talks to Jonathan Brielle, author of “Himself and Nora,” a play about James Joyce appearing in Rahway, N.J>, from April 24 to Mau 12.

The Musical James Joyce: “Himself and Nora” premieres in Rahway, NJ

L.E. McCullough previews the new play “Himself and Nora,” which appears at Hamilton Stage in the Rahway, New Jersey, produced by the American Theater Group, April 24 – May 12/

Enjoy Christmas with The 4 Kings of Kelt!

How It’s New York:  L.E. McCullough is a noted musician and author and a playwright whose work has been staged locally throughout the NY-NJ area.How It’s Irish: Celebrating Irish Yuletide traditions with music and drama is a refreshing new twist to an ancient tradition. ~~~  ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~ * A CELTIC CHRISTMAS featuring The 4 Kings of Kelt
29 Yuletide Favorites […]

Pearl River: Where Culture Creates Community

How It’s New York:  A growing number of New York-born-and-bred Irish musicians have migrated to the Rockland County hamlet of Pearl River, NY. How It’s Irish:  L.E McCullough’s latest ArtSmart Nation column for Creativity Post sheds a spotlight on the magical, mysterious Irish Culture Vortex twenty miles northwest of Manhattan containing the most concentrated mass of Irish musicians and […]

New Voting Video Issued for 1st-Time Voters

How It’s New York:  Since the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, more than 2.5 million newly naturalized U.S. citizens have become eligible to vote; approximately 15% live in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metro area. [1] How It’s Irish-1:  An estimated 4,500 of these new voters were born in Ireland. How It’s Irish-2:  Both major party Vice […]

Music and Art: L.E. McCullough paints a Portrait of the Artist as Ceoltoir

L.E. McCullough plays at the opening of the exhibit How It’s New York: Recognize some of the names in the WaterElemental Crafts & Fine Art exhibit of artists who are musicians in Lansdale, PA? Thought you would: Iris Nevins, of the Irish American Association of Northwest Jersey; New York flute player Linda Hickman, and many […]

Music: Happy Tune-iversary, from L.E. McCullough: My other birthday cake is made out of chiff

Miles Krassen (l) on fiddle, L.E. McCullough (r) on whistle, Bloomington, Indiana, Feb. 1974. How It’s New York: L.E. McCullough is a regular player in tri-state sessions. See his post on the the 2042 fleadh here! How It’s Irish: This is the story of a tune-iversarry– how that first Irish tune worms its way into […]

Music: Will You Be at the 2042 Mid-Atlantic Fleadh?

All ages at the fleadh (@L.E. McCullough) How It’s New York: The Mid-Atlantic Fleadh, which covers all of the east coast, the Maritimes, and Eastern Canada, takes place in Parsippany, NJ, and brings out many players from the Tri-State of all ages. How It’s Irish: The Fleadh, of course, is the regional competition of Comhaltas […]