Taoiseach Addresses St. Patrick’s Day Parade Controversy

Orla O’Sullivan reports on Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s comments about St. Patrick’s Day controversy, at Irish Arts Center’s Book Day in March.

Bronx Boy Makes Good: Peter Quinn Lauded at “Dry Bones” Book Launch

“Happy Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Up the Republic! Buy the book!” Peter Quinn’s “Dry Bones” launch party at the residence

Irish Film New York Review: “Made in Belfast.”

Orla O’Sullivan finds “Made in Belfast” an enjoyable portrayal of friendship.

Irish Film New York Review: “The Hardy Bucks Movie.”

“The Hardy Bucks Movie” includes jokes about defecation and fellatio by a baboon. Orla O’Sullivan walked out.

Irish Film New York Review: “Run and Jump”

Orla O’Sullivan reviews “Run & Jump,” a film about the return home of a stroke victim, which recently played at the Irish Film New York Festival. Starring SNL’s Will Forte, O’Sullivan found the film “engaging.”

“The Boat Factory” Is a Story about Men

Orla O’Sullivan finds that “The Boat Factory,” about the men who built boats in Belfast, evokes a way of life with poetry and humour. The play runs at 59E59 through Sunday, June 30.

Film review: Choosing Signs

Orla O’Sullivan reviews the film “Choosing Signs” and finds it, while a little implausible, sweet and funny.

Jump, Irish Film New York

How It’s New York:  Screened at NYU’s Cantor Film Center, Jumpmade its U.S. debut as part of a four-day festival of Irish features, Irish Film New York. And, some of the characters in Jump curse American style, with one woman calling another “a d***” for example. How It’s Irish: It’s set in Derry city.Orla O’Sullivan attended […]

Hard Times

Wee Craic


Fly Me to The Moon

Theatre Review: Brontë; a Portrait of Charlotte

How it’s New York: The play from New York’s Alloy Theater Company is running at Theater 511, on W. 54thSt. in Manhattan. How it’s Irish: Patrick Brontë, father of the famous Brontë sisters, was (surprise) Irish. Charlotte, curiously for a Yorkshire native, spoke with something of an Irish accent, and went on to marry a […]

Theatre Review: Simon Callow in Being Shakespeare

Simon Callow (@Stephanie Berger) How It’s New York: Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) briefly hosts Simon Callow’s one-man hit show, Being Shakespeare, transferred transatlantic after a long run on London’s West End. How It’s Irish: Callow attended Queens University Belfast, before dropping out to become an actor. And William Shakespeare, a few years before he […]