Tribeca Film Festival: The Lovers is a Screwball Valentine

Suze Sylvester attends the Tribeca Film movie “The Lovers,” and finds it a “screwball comedy of a valentine.”

Tribeca Film Festival: The strain in Spain stays mainly in the brain in ‘The Trip to Spain’

Suze Sylvester finds “The Trip to Spain” at Tribeca Film Festival fun, but light.

How A Sleepy Tuesday Morning Became Deadly History on 9/11

Suze Sylvester recalls where she was on 9/11.

Murray Defeated Dimitrov In R4 Of US Open – Then Why Did The Scot Clutch Her Head?

Suze Sylvester describes exciting tennis from Scotsman Andy Murray at the U.S. Open this past week.

It IS Cabbage, for Gawd’s Sake!

Did you know? Brussels sprouts are the new cabbage!

She Lives Life to the Fullest – My InterReview with Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, The Face of Lanvin

Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock inspires awebin Suze Sylvester– and others!

Urbane Legends – Review of the Documentary “Advanced Style”

Suze Sylvester goes to a screening of “Advanced Style” and finds more ammunition to defeat mean Milennials.

Simon Says – An Informal Interview with an Informal Media Personality

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves… paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

Love Therapy: A promising premise of theatre therapy

Suze Sylvester reviews Wendy Beckett’s “Love Therapy,” which runs at the DR2 Theatre until Saturday, May 25.

Talking about love: Love Therapy

Suze Sylvester talks with Alison Fraser, two-time Tony nominee, about her performance in Wendy Beckett’s “Love Therapy,” which runs at the DR2 Theatre through

Film: The Hunger Games: It is not “Lord of the Flies”

THE HUNGER GAMES It is not “Lord of the Flies” How It’s New York:  because New Yorkers had been obsessed about its release when it came out, sleeping on line at a Barnes &Nobles’ appearance of some cast members like fans waiting for rockstars.  The DVD comes out August 18. How It’s Irish: because the […]

Review: Some Enchanted Evening…of “Food and Pleasure”

Florence Fabricant, Drew Nieporent, Gabriel Kreuther, and Bill Yosses How It’s New York: “Pen, Paper and Palate” takes place in New York City, the brainchild of Ruda Dauphin. The May, 2012 installment included  two of the City’s premiere chefs, a restauranteur, and a food columnist. How It’s Irish: The program was presented jointly with the […]

Ye’ll take the high road: The Tartan Parade, Part II

How it’s New York: A parade up Avenue of the Americas – what’s more New York than that? How it’s [Scottish] Irish: Listen to the pipes and drums. If that doesn’t convince ya, I have three words for ya: men in kilts!  Intrepid blogger Sue Sylvester reports on the- Kirkin ‘O’ the Tartan, and the […]

Hauer ya gae! Tartan Week Celebrations, Part I – the Ceilidh

Mike Ogletree and Caitlin Boyle boogie down How it’s New York: In its 10th year, this is NYC’s version of the national observation of all things Scottish – with a cast of thousands…of proud, fun-loving New York Scots. How it’s  [Scottish] Irish:  In Scotland, April 6th marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath  in […]