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  • If you have a recurring event, something running for weeks, you will go to the screen below and enter your info under "theatre" (it will work for any recurring category though). This is some added info about what you need to do.If you're making a recurring event, such as a play that is running several days a week for several weeks, the first and last day initially should be the same. Only set an end date at the final recurrence: it's one event recurring many times! This is very important, or the event will mushroom and appear to be happening several times a day for eternity.
  • To omit certain days (in the case of a theatrical performance) go to custom and set a recurring event as described above.
  • For two-show performances, you need to set a separate event as the matinee. That goes for every matinee if you have two days, and again, if it recurs for weeks, set the beginning and end date as the same.
  • Don't upload images larger than 900px to a side.
  • In the description of the event, somewhere near the top, do put in when the event ends-- people can find this if they hover, but not everyone knows to hover.
  • Don't forget to input event fee at the bottom of the form, or your event will show up as "free."!
  • If your event is on just one or two days, then you probably don't need recurring, just put in the dates that this is going on.!

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