‘Woody Sez’ will break your heart and lift your spirits

Gwen Orel calls it: “Woody Sez” is one of the best shows of the year. Extended through Sept. 10 at Irish Rep.

10 Irish Love Songs (but Irish STILL unromantic…)

How It’s New York:  Tommy Burns is a musician in NJ and hosts of “Glor na h’Eireann”, an Irish Radio show broadcasting from Rutgers University 88.7 FM on Sundays at 6pm. How It’s Irish:  Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Writes Song!  BUT.  Those songs ARE pretty great.  Meanwhile, on  the “The Irish are […]

Andy Irvine, Irish Troubador, in town starting 10/11, tonight!

Andy Irvine (Brian Hartigan) How it’s New York:  Andy Irvine is playing at small folk clubs in the area.  And you’ve got several chances to see him, which is one of the pluses of being here.  Some of his comrades in arms in music will turn up to watch, which is another.How it’s Irish:  Andy […]