Rocker May at Webster Hall

Philomena Connors saw Imelda May at Webster Hall and was converted into a rock ‘n roll fan.

‘The Joshua Tree’ Is 30 years old today

U2’s “The Joshua Tree” turns 30! Released on March 9, 1987.

Irish Music World Rocked by Claim that Geldof Doesn’t Mind Mondays.

Does Bob Geldof like Mondays after all? Michael Fitzpatrick has a scoop!

Music: 19 Years later, Clannad are in town

How It’s New York: You hear the ethereal, gentle Celtic sound Clannad originated in every new age, spiritual bookstore and spa in the city.How It’s Irish: Clannad are an Irish band from Donegal. Clannad play New York on Tuesday, October 2, at the Concert Hall on West 64th Street, and New Jersey, at the BergenPAC […]