Home is where the soul is: Brian Friel’s ‘The Home Place’

“The Home Place,” Brian Friel’s last play, is full of Chekhovian atmosphere, and it packs a punch too.

Theatre: The Freedom of the City is about this city, too

Cara Seymour as Lily (@Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: With “Occupy Wall Street” not too distant a memory, there’s an urgency and a relevancy to a play about people oppressed for protesting. How It’s Irish: The Freedom of the City, by Brian Friel, is set in Northern Ireland during theTroubles, and is presented by […]

New York Irish Theatre with Enda Walsh, Gabriel Byrne: December!

(@Joan Marcus) How It’s New York:  New York is still the theatre metropolis.  In addition to these productions we’ve had a bunch of Broadway openings lately, and there will be more to come.How It’s Irish:  These plays are by Irish writers, on Irish themes.  Some have Irish performers, some come from Irish theatres.  When the […]

Dancing at Lughnasa Is Light On Its Feet – Review

How It’s New York:  Irish Repertory Theatre is one of New York’s finest companies, and has become a fixture not only in the Irish but in the New York theatre world.  And this production of Brian Friel’s  Dancing at Lughnasa: A Playwas a huge hit on Broadway Plymouth Theatre 20 years ago.  It won the […]

I Was Blind, and Now I See… maybe. Review of MOLLY SWEENEY at Irish Rep

Simone Kirby as Molly Sweeney describes pleasure… from Irish Repertory Theatre’s haunting production Simone Kirby (Carol Rosegg) “Unfolding before your eyes is a production that brings to life all the terrible pain of hope.  You just don’t see the world the same way afterwards.”  Monologue driven plays are not my favorite format, and Brian Friel’s […]