New York Trad Fest Review

New blogger Jenifer Hopkins finds the first New York Trad Fest a “celebration of the rich talent and vibrant dedication represented by musicians and dancers in New York.”

Music InteReview: Dan Neely on Irish music in Cleveland

How It’s New York: Brian Holleran grew up in New Jersey. How It’s Irish: Holleran’s album with Brian Bigley is called traditional irish music on flute + pipes,and this essay considers the long history of Irish music in Cleveland, Ohio. Dan Neely discovers that Cleveland, Ohio is a happening place for Irish trad, as he […]

Music Review: Begleys know how to put on a show

How It’s New York: Pat Gavin, whose birthday party inspired this column, is a local trad player (“maven,” Dan writes;  how New York is the casual use of this Yiddish term! Dan, you are now officially Jirish).How It’s Irish: The Begleys are from West Kerry, and this is Irish trad at its finest. A version […]