‘Woody Sez’ will break your heart and lift your spirits

Gwen Orel calls it: “Woody Sez” is one of the best shows of the year. Extended through Sept. 10 at Irish Rep.

Review: Bruce Springsteen-inspired children’s book “Born to Run: The Story of Johnny 99”

Matthew Orel finds “Born to Run: The Story of Johnny 99” a colorful story of a runaway car, but wishes it were more.

“At The Mike Stand” with Mark Geary.

Mike Fitzpatrick interviews rocker Mark Geary and discovers Geary’s inner Count of Monte Cristo.

InteReview: Debra Rothenberg’s 30 years of Bruce (we’re hoping for 30 more)

Bruce Springsteen scholar and sometime “Backstreets” photographer Matt Orel reviews Debra Rothenberg’s “Bruce Springsteen in Focus: 1980-2012:” “We get to see the joy that Springsteen brought to his performances…” and it’s accurate!

Kilkenny named Ireland 2013 tourist town

Kilkenny, which had a Bruce concert last summer, has been named 2013 Tourism Town in Ireland.

Pen, Paper and Palate – Frank Delaney raises the bar at The Half King

Philomena Connors finds the latest “Pen, Paper and Palate,” which focuses on biography, a bit of an uneven dish.

Damien Dempsey pays a debt to Bruce Springsteen

Damien Dempsey writes about the working class, like a certain gravelly voiced singer from the Garden State.

Film: Unbelievable but True, Mystery of Faith and Intention: Springsteen and I

How It’s (New York) New Jersey: The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, is from New Jersey. Which is a whole separate state from New York, and it’s not a joke when we call it The Garden State. Seriously.How It’s Irish: This contribution to the documentary Springsteen & I is by Kathy Callahan and Charles R. Hale, both […]

The Irish roots of The Boss

Bruce Springsteen (@Matthew Orel) How It’s (New Jersey) New York: Bruce Springsteen is our hometown hero, and made us proud to be from Jersey, even while SNL and others made fun of us. How It’s Irish: Turns out he has Irish roots. I was so happy to hear Glen Hansard singing Bruce Springsteen’s “Drive All […]

Concert Review: Glen Hansard, Camp Counselor

Glen teaches us “You’ve got, you’ve got my love…” How It’s New York: Glen Hansard has been living in New York for the past year (though sadly he seems to have given up his East Village apartment, which means losing some of his John Lennon cred with me). How It’s Irish: Glen is a Dub, […]