Mesmerizing Camille O’Sullivan performance

Shani R. Friedman says Camille O’Sullivan is “touched by greatness.”

Camille O’Sullivan is Superstar Material

Camille O’Sullivan, says Seamus Scanlon, is in a league of her own: “superstar material.”

Frankie Gavin on the Real De Dannan (in NJ 1/14)!

How It’s New York:  Frankie Gavin and De Dannan were here showcasing at APAP NYC.  I found out about this gig when I saw Frankie at Ambassador Noel Kilkenny’s reception for the Irish delegation Sunday (pics of that to come!)How It’s Irish:  De Dannan are one of those Irish trad bands that non trad players […]

APAP report: Jan. 6

Amy Conroy, Kia Corthron, Gwen Orel, Deirdre Kinahan How It’s New York:  The APAP conference takes place in NY, and brings a party with it.How It’s Irish:  Mingling, talking, greeting and enjoyment! I’ll be giving you brief write-ups of my interactions with APAP as I go!  I might not get up to much today unfortunately […]