Podcast #39: T’he Emperor Jones’ and ‘Rebel in the Soul’


Gwen Orel talks with Obi Abili and Ciarán O’Reilly of Irish Rep’s “The Emperor Jones,” and Larry Kirwan, author of Irish Rep’s “Rebel in the Soul.”

‘Emperor Jones’ review: stay out of the woods

“The Emperor Jones” has a genre– and it’s horror. The play is a nightmare, produced like a dream.

When Irish eyes are rolling… (Hail the Unnamed Irishman)

Trump read an Irish proverb he’s “heard for years.” Who trolled him into reading a Nigerian poem?

Podcast #36: Lisa Dwan on Neasa in ‘Shining City’


Gwen Orel talks to Lisa Dwan about her role in Conor McPherson’s “Shining City” at Irish Repertory Theatre Featured tune is “The Constellation Slide Set” from Mick McAuley’s new CD “Highs & Bellows.”

New Ideas Take Flight at the New York-New Belfast Conference

Darrah Carr reports back on the New York- New Belfast conference held in June, where loads of NYC’s Irish culture movers and shakers turned up to speak.


Set in Dublin in the 1960s, Da is Hugh Leonard’s Tony-winning classic memory play. Charlie returns to his childhood home after his father’s funeral only to find the stubborn patriarch’s ghost unwilling to leave the house.  As Charlie rummages through his father’s belongings, he surrenders to his own memories, both hilarious and wrenching, as the complexity […]

The Irish Rep Throws A Party

Mark Butler reports on Irish Rep’s groundbreaking in September– full of hardhats and song!

Juno, A Feast for the Eyes

Philomena Connors finds Juno and the Paycock surprisingly humorous and a feast for the senses.

Floods of emotion in ‘The Weir’

Conor McPherson’s “The Weir” at Irish Rep, reveals dark realms of life and death.

Theatre: The Freedom of the City is about this city, too

Cara Seymour as Lily (@Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: With “Occupy Wall Street” not too distant a memory, there’s an urgency and a relevancy to a play about people oppressed for protesting. How It’s Irish: The Freedom of the City, by Brian Friel, is set in Northern Ireland during theTroubles, and is presented by […]

Theatre Review: New Girl in Town

Margaret Loesser Robinson, Patrick Cummings , Cliff Bemis (Carol Rosegg) How It’s New York: Irish Rep is one of the city’s best producing houses, and the cast is full of NY regulars. What’s more, Eugene O’Neill spent a lot of time here. How It’s Irish: O’Neill was of Irish descent, and the romantic lead, Matt, […]

Theatre Review: Beautiful Dreamer- Eugene O’Neill in Brooklyn and Chelsea

Eugene O’Neill How It’s New York:  Eugene O’Neill (1888 –  1953) was a Broadway baby, born in a Broadway hotel room, and  there are traces of him all over the city.   The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center (based in Connecticut, but has offices in NY) nurtures and develops new talent at a highly prestigious retreat every […]

New York Irish Arts Podcast December 14


Podcast: Play in new window | Download Mick Moloney talks about “going out on the wren” and his new album “An Irish Christmas:  A Musical Solstice Celebration,” (Concerts at Irish Arts Center (thru 12/18); Gerard Mannix Flynn talks about his show James X, running at the Culture Project (thru 12/18); Chris Layer talks about his […]

Dancing at Lughnasa Is Light On Its Feet – Review

How It’s New York:  Irish Repertory Theatre is one of New York’s finest companies, and has become a fixture not only in the Irish but in the New York theatre world.  And this production of Brian Friel’s  Dancing at Lughnasa: A Playwas a huge hit on Broadway Plymouth Theatre 20 years ago.  It won the […]