New York Tradfest going on now!

New York Tradfest this weekend!

This year’s tune: Catskills Irish Arts Week 2017

Gwen Orel decides on the Catskills 2017 tune of the summer. Or three.

New York Tradfest, for the fourth time!

For the fourth year, Tony Demarco has organized New York Tradfest. It will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at Pier A Harbor House, and should be a grand night!

Do you know this tune? Fairy tale in the Catskills, or McGrath’s Waltz

Gwen Orel recalls receiving a tune from the Good Folk in the Catksills during the summer of 2015.

Podcast #32: Ciaran Byrne on ‘Public Morals’


Gwen Orel talks to Newry actor Ciaran Byrne talks about becoming an actor, and about the new TNT drama “Public Morals.”

New York Tradfest’s Saturday Night Concert: A Remarkable Showcase of Music and Dance

John Kearns attended the second New York Trad Fest, and found it ” a remarkable showcase for the traditional musicians of New York and their visiting friends.”

The Yanks hit home run with ‘Haymaker’

Jayne Pomplas reviews the CD release concert of The Yanks with “Haymaker” and says it was “the sound of master musicians making words and music come to life.”

New York Trad Fest Review

New blogger Jenifer Hopkins finds the first New York Trad Fest a “celebration of the rich talent and vibrant dedication represented by musicians and dancers in New York.”

John Whelan tonight on concert window!

John Whelan in concert tonight in Alabama– and on your computer, thanks to Concert Window.

Meet the Yanks!

Meet The Yanks: four great young trad players from America, stars in their own right, and grand together.

Music: Dan Neely on a new biz model, Concert Window

How It’s New York: New York is full of concerts and culture and busy lives. Here’s a way we can get to concerts and yet stay home.How It’s Irish: Concert Window is run by Irish trad player Dan Gurney and bluegrass fiddler Forrest O’Connor, and it’s a boon to those who can’t make it to […]

Party in the Catskills! Week begins Sunday!

Artistic Director Paul Keating (@Tim Raab) How It’s New York: Catskills Irish Arts Week attracts teachers and players from all over the country, but as Artistic Director Paul Keating says, it’s “a real New York Festival.” How It’s Irish: East Durham, New York, was a vacation spot for Irish immigrant. Many of the teachers come […]

Music InteReview: Fiddle Champ Dylan Foley Fascinated by Fiddle

How It’s New York: Dylan Foley hails from New York state, and often plays in the tri-state area. In fact, tomorrow, Sat. June 23, he’s playing at Irish American of Northwest Jersey (IAANJ). (To reserve email Iris Nevins) How It’s Irish: Dylan just released his first solo CD   Hup! which he’ll be launching officially […]

Music: Dan Neely on the world-class faculty at the Catskills

How It’s New York: Catskills Irish Arts Week takes place in Durham, New York, and many if not most of the trad players in the tri-state make it up for at least a day! How It’s Irish: East Durham, New York was where Irish immigrants used to take their summer vacations, in the days before […]