Michael Londra, The Real Deal, Beyond Celtic: This Weekend!

How It’s New York:  Michael Londra plays with Caitlin Warbelow, who lives in NY and teaches advanced fiddle at the Irish Arts Center!How It’s Irish:  Michael Londra is from Wexford, Ireland’s opera capital.  He sometimes teaches Irish words to the crowd.Michael Londra is in New Jersey this weekend!  His PBS specials make you hungry to […]

Frankie Gavin on the Real De Dannan (in NJ 1/14)!

How It’s New York:  Frankie Gavin and De Dannan were here showcasing at APAP NYC.  I found out about this gig when I saw Frankie at Ambassador Noel Kilkenny’s reception for the Irish delegation Sunday (pics of that to come!)How It’s Irish:  De Dannan are one of those Irish trad bands that non trad players […]