New York Tradfest going on now!

New York Tradfest this weekend!

New York Tradfest, for the fourth time!

For the fourth year, Tony Demarco has organized New York Tradfest. It will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at Pier A Harbor House, and should be a grand night!

Do you know this tune? Fairy tale in the Catskills, or McGrath’s Waltz

Gwen Orel recalls receiving a tune from the Good Folk in the Catksills during the summer of 2015.

Andy Lamy wields ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’

Andy Lamy’s ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’ shows that clarinet plays in tune with Irish trad. Why not?

New York Tradfest’s Saturday Night Concert: A Remarkable Showcase of Music and Dance

John Kearns attended the second New York Trad Fest, and found it ” a remarkable showcase for the traditional musicians of New York and their visiting friends.”

New York Trad Fest 2014: Bing bang and boom… no flopping!

New York Trad Fest this weekend promises a bing and a bang and no flopping!

New York Trad Fest begins today!

New York Trad Fest begins today, with a panel at Glucksman Ireland House, session at Lillie’s, and then a wealth of bands playing tonight at Connolly’s Klub 45!

New York Trad Fest this weekend– don’t miss!

The first annual New York Trad Fest takes place Saturday, Oct. 19, and Sunday, Oct. 20, organized by fiddler Tony DeMarco. On the bill are Eileen Ivers, Brian Conway, Matt Mancuso, Tony Trischka, Andy Statman and more! An unmissable event!

Remembering the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh

The Mid-Atlantic Fleadh, which feeds into the All-Ireland, was a celebration of music.

Donie Carroll Makes A Wonderful “Divil Of A Noise”

“Divil of a Noise,” Donie Carroll’s second CD, will make you want to sing.

Farewell to Daniel Michael Collins

Shanachie co-founder Daniel Michael Collins died last Wednesday. Wake tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, at the John Kritil Funeral Home in New York.

Dan Neely on What I Did On My Ireland Vacation.

How It’s New York: Dan Neely runs the session at Lillie’s, and is the Artistic Director of the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. How It’s Irish: He’s writing this FROM Ireland, and it’s ABOUT Ireland! Go Dan! In which Dan Neely tells us about Clare, people he’s met, and… ostriches and emus… New York […]

Music: Dan Neely says James Keane’s ‘Dog’ is a winner on every track

How It’s New York: Accordion player James Keane lives in NYC now, and can often be seen at the Lillie’s session. How It’s Irish: This Irish trad album, which will be launched at Willie Clancy Week in Miltown Malbay on July 12. James will also give a talk there called “Living in the Tradition.” Says […]

New Sessions in Queens! Murphys Bar on Fridays and Saturdays

How It’s New York:  Announcement of the new is a New York thing– one begins, one closes.  Now I can say and tell the truth that there’s a good session every night of the week in NY! How It’s Irish:  Sunnyside is such an Irish area there’s an Irish supermarket, The Butcher Block (technically the […]