Mercy Centre Benefit Concert with Donie Carroll and Friends

Last week at the New York Irish Center local Cork transplant Donie Carroll brought together  a host of Irish and area talent to raise money in his annual concert for the Mercy Centre Orphanage in Bangkok Thailand.  Always a treat!

New York Tradfest, for the fourth time!

For the fourth year, Tony Demarco has organized New York Tradfest. It will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19th, at Pier A Harbor House, and should be a grand night!

Ann Kirrane’s ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ brings in a rainbow

Ann Kirrane’s lovely new CD ‘Behind Yon Mountain’ fills a room with light.

Andy Lamy wields ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’

Andy Lamy’s ‘The New Blackthorn Stick’ shows that clarinet plays in tune with Irish trad. Why not?

Chief O’Neill’s Mixed Flock Is Jersey Trad

Chief O’Neill’s Mixed Flock plays proto-trad-proto-Braoque music.

New York Tradfest’s Saturday Night Concert: A Remarkable Showcase of Music and Dance

John Kearns attended the second New York Trad Fest, and found it ” a remarkable showcase for the traditional musicians of New York and their visiting friends.”

New York Trad Fest 2014: Bing bang and boom… no flopping!

New York Trad Fest this weekend promises a bing and a bang and no flopping!

Donie Carroll Makes A Wonderful “Divil Of A Noise”

“Divil of a Noise,” Donie Carroll’s second CD, will make you want to sing.

Irish American Writers and Artists Salon, April 2, 2013 … “All those astounding…words…”

Karen Daly runs down the latest IAW&A salon!

Annual Concert to aid the Mercy Centre and Rockaway Sandy victims

Donie takes his ministry seriously How it’s New York:      The concert, held at Irish Repertory Theatre,  benefitted Hurricane Sandy charity GRAYBEARDS How it’s Irish: Most of the gray beards on stage first sprouted in Cork The Catandfiddle session leader Tony Horswill reports on the concert to benefit The Mercy Centre, held at Irish Rep […]

Music: Dan Neely on CelticFest in Jackson, Mississippi

How It’s New York: Dan Neely is a New Yorker, and runs the session at Lillie’s, as well as leading the Washington Square Harp & Shamrock Orchestra.How It’s Irish: Just look at all the Irish bands who played: Téada, Bua, Máirtín de Cógáin Project, Donie Carroll, and our friends from our days in Alabama, Jil […]

Music: Máirtín de Cógáin talks about Cork

How It’s New York: Máirtín de Cógáin has played a lot in NYC, appearing more than once at the Lillie’s session. How It’s Irish: Máirtín is from Cork, and he’s seeking funding to help support his DVD about “The People’s Republic of Cork,” to be called From Cork with Love: a Travelogue of the Beautiful […]

Books: Yes, I Will Yes… on Bloomsday

How It’s New York: Bloomsday attracts lawyers, actors, writers, and that’s soooo New York.. Also multiple, competing celebrations are more the norm than not…How It’s Irish: Bloomsday celebrates the day the James Joyce’s Ulysses, June 16.  All the event sin the book take place on that day in 1904. Today is June 15, and it’s already […]

Paul Keating on Cruising with Cherish!

How It’s New York: Paul Keating, author of this piece, runs Catskills Irish Arts Week, and about music for the Irish Voice.  If it’s Irish music in NY (and really, much of the world), Paul knows about it. Photo: Frank Rudiger How It’s Irish:   Joanie Madden organized a Celtic Cruise (see our interview with Joanie […]