Enda Walsh’s ‘Rooms’ need space to grow

Playwright T. Cat Ford visited Enda Walsh’s “Rooms” at Irish Arts Center, and found the concept captivating, the execution less so.

Enda Walsh’s ‘Arlington’ leaves an aftertaste

Gwen Orel says “Arlington” repeats on her, like acid reflux. That’s probably what Enda Walsh had in mind.

Enter Enda Walsh’s “Rooms” for an interesting hour of introspection

On a dreary New York afternoon this Saturday I took a diversion for an hour into the “Rooms” of playwright Enda Walsh.

‘The Last Hotel’: TripAdvisor would hate, but we love

Gwen Orel would give ‘The Last Hotel’ a bomb on TripAdvisor, but a rave as a piece of theater

misterman isn’t Everyman, but He Is One of Us: Theatre Review

(@Pavel Antonov) How It’s New York:  misterman is happening at St. Ann’s Warehouse, one of the coolest venues in the city, a Brooklyn spot that regularly brings in international work.  Usually filled with hipsters and artists, it attracts its loonies too (see story under this review about the very rude English woman behind me…) How It’s […]

Drinks and Jams at Once

(@Joan Marcus) How It’s New York:  The show is happening at New York Theatre Workshop, one of New York’s premiere development sites– Rent started here.  And, just got word last night that Once the musical is moving to Broadway.How It’s Irish:  It’s set in Ireland, of course, and the pub setting with music has an […]

New York Irish Theatre with Enda Walsh, Gabriel Byrne: December!

(@Joan Marcus) How It’s New York:  New York is still the theatre metropolis.  In addition to these productions we’ve had a bunch of Broadway openings lately, and there will be more to come.How It’s Irish:  These plays are by Irish writers, on Irish themes.  Some have Irish performers, some come from Irish theatres.  When the […]

Celto-Slavs (and Celtic Nations)

  There are two new tabs on our blog– Celto-Slavs, and Celtic Nations.  Celtic Nations is an obvious one, and since we’ve already covered BZH and St. Yves Week in New York, there’s already a post there.  If in the future we need separate tabs for each of the Celtic Nations we’ll add them, but […]

The Quiet Man Revisited, Revisited!

How It’s New York:  MoMA is one of New York’s cultural treasures.  And Sheridan was one of the first Artistic Directors of the Irish Arts Center!How It’s Irish:  The series looks hard at representations of Ireland on film, and how they’ve used The Quiet Man to emulate and kick against.  It’s curated by Ireland’s Cultural […]

Revisiting THE QUIET MAN at MoMA: tonight through June 3rd.

How It’s New York:  MoMA is one of New York’s gems, a real cultural institution.  An exhibit like this could happen elsewhere, but it hasn’t.  Gabriel Byrne, Ireland’s Cultural Ambassador, is Honorary Chair of the Irish Arts Center.  He curated the event.   How It’s Irish:  It’s The Quiet Man.  It’s the film they show every […]