Tribeca Film Festival: The strain in Spain stays mainly in the brain in ‘The Trip to Spain’

Suze Sylvester finds “The Trip to Spain” at Tribeca Film Festival fun, but light.

Urbane Legends – Review of the Documentary “Advanced Style”

Suze Sylvester goes to a screening of “Advanced Style” and finds more ammunition to defeat mean Milennials.

Simon Says – An Informal Interview with an Informal Media Personality

Suze Sylvester talks to Simon Doonan, writer and filmmaker, and discovers he loves… paddle-boarding and Perry Como.

Peter Quinn, and Fintan Dunne – “the suave Irishman who women find irresistible”

Tony Horswill finds Peter Quinn’s “Dry Bones” a “gripping web of historical detail and intrigue.

The Bachelor Weekend – A Highlight of the Tribeca Film Festival

Philomena Connors finds ‘The Bachelor Weekend’ a welcome change from the general milieu of Irish movies that make it across the ocean.

Farewell, Peter O’Toole

Farewell, Peter O’Toole, inspiration for Francis Crawford of Lymond by Dorothy Dunnett, and one of the world’s most interesting actors.

Documentary – George Mitchell: My Journey’s End – A welcome addition to the 1st Irish Festival

Philomena Connors reviews “George Mitchell: My Journey’s End” abou a return trip to Northern Ireland after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, and finds it enlightening and potent.

Irish Film New York Review: “The Hardy Bucks Movie.”

“The Hardy Bucks Movie” includes jokes about defecation and fellatio by a baboon. Orla O’Sullivan walked out.

When Ali Came to Ireland

New blogger John Hackett reviews the documentary “When Ali Came to Ireland,” about Ali’s visit in 1972, and while it’s a little light on footage, finds the charm and charisma of Ali make the moview worthwhile.

Irish Film New York Review: “Run and Jump”

Orla O’Sullivan reviews “Run & Jump,” a film about the return home of a stroke victim, which recently played at the Irish Film New York Festival. Starring SNL’s Will Forte, O’Sullivan found the film “engaging.”

Halloween at the Irish Arts Center this Saturday & Sunday

Halloween at the Irish Arts Center this Weekend How It’s New York: This Saturday, families from Hells Kitchen and New York City come together for the Irish Arts Center Halloween event Oíche Shamhna. And on Sunday, local Irish Language speakers and horror movie enthusiasts will enjoy the Halloween Film Festival at theCenter.How It’s Irish:  The […]

Film: Wee Craic tonight- photos!

How It’s New York: The Craic Festival was conceived by local Terence Mulligan, and brings Irish film to a NY audience. You can read an interview I did with Terence for Irish Examiner USA last year here.How It’s Irish: The films are Irish, a few Irish-American. Tonight is a series of short films, followed by […]

Film: Michael Fitzpatrick talks to Colm Meaney about Hell on Wheels

Colm Meaney as Railroad Baron Thomas Doc Durant  (AMC) How It’s New York: Michael Fitzpatrick is a Big Apple-based writer for the Irish Examiner.  How It’s Irish: Colm Meaney is one of the most acclaimed Irish actors of his generation.  An earlier version of this article was first published in Irish Examiner USA, November 8, […]

Music: Máirtín de Cógáin talks about Cork

How It’s New York: Máirtín de Cógáin has played a lot in NYC, appearing more than once at the Lillie’s session. How It’s Irish: Máirtín is from Cork, and he’s seeking funding to help support his DVD about “The People’s Republic of Cork,” to be called From Cork with Love: a Travelogue of the Beautiful […]