“Crackskull Row” at Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival

The rough-hewn walls, threadbare curtains and dilapidated leather sofa set the stage for an intense slice of Dublin life in Honor Molloy’s play “Crackskull Row.”

Legendary Quotes of Irish Wit #83: Honor Molloy

Michael Fitzpatrick quotes one of his favorite lines from author Honor Molloy.

James Connolly’s New York

On the centenary of his death, New York Irish musicians, writers, storytellers perform in tribute to James Connolly on the stage where he spoke

Savage F*cks of Dublintown – Kevin Holohan, Honor Molloy, Maeve Price and Michelle Woods read Joyce, Brennan, McCabe and more*

Three contributors to New York Irish Arts read from their work and from the work of famous writers!

Beckett Out Loud with Kevin Holohan, Honor Molloy and Maeve Price

Beckett is funnier read aloud– and three Dubliners are doing that on Saturday, March 15, at 4 p.m.

What are you thankful for?

Beverly Orel makes gravy with the drippings How It’s New York: The Thanksgiving Day Parade is a NYC tradition, and the city loves this holiday, which asks for no church or synagogue or gifts, just food. And football. How It’s Irish: It’s a holiday that symbolizes safety in a new land, and bounty after trials. […]

1st Irish Review: Setanta Murphy of a Tuesday Night

HOW IT’S NEW YORK:  The reading took place in the AmericanIrish Historical Society’s beautiful townhouse on 5th Avenue, just across the way from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. HOW IT’S IRISH:  Writer-actor-director Garrett Keogh was born in Dublin, and his play is about one of the city’s “auld ones”. It’s part of the 1st Irish […]

Books: Charles Hale wraps up Aug. 23 IAWA Salon

Ron Ryan and Mary Tierney How It’s New York: New York is still one of the world’s great literary homes.How It’s Irish:  IAWA is IRISH-American Writers and Artists. Charles Hale wraps up last week’s IAWA salon. Have you been yet?Salons are normally held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The next salon will […]

Books: Bards Gather at Ourland Festival at Lincoln Center

How It’s New York: Joe Hurley’s Ourland Festival took place at one of New York City’s cultural hubs, Lincoln Center. How It’s Irish: The Ourland Festival celebrated the literature, music, and dance of Ireland and Irish America.  John Kearns attended the Ourland Festival at Lincoln Center a week ago Sunday, a day of literature, music […]

Books: Charles Hale wraps up the latest IAWA Salon

How It’s New York: Irish American Writers &Artists  is a NY institution, and these salons attract some of the most creative talent in the city. How It’s Irish: Some of the artists are Irish from Ireland, some are Irish-American, and many write and sing about the Irish and Irish-American experience. Also, there’s wine. IAW&A director […]

Music: Mike Farragher talks to OurLand’s Joe Hurley

Irish Consul General Noel Kilkenny and Joe Hurley How It’s New York: It’s all taking place in Lincoln Center, and it’s an outdoor summer event. Olympics, shmolympics. How It’s Irish: Just look at the line-up! Aedin Moloney, Honor Molloy, Joe Hurley, the cast of Once, Everybody’s going to the OurLand Festival tomorrow– everyone! it starts […]

Film: Brendan Fay, and Taking a Chance on God

How it’s NY:  Gay Pride was invented in New York City. How it’s Irish:  Brendan Fay, a self-professed New Yorker, is a sprite off the streets of Drogheda. He is Irish down to his boots and back up again. Ladies and Gentlemen . . .  Brendan Fay Honor Molloy considers Brendan Fay’s new film Taking […]

Books: Dynamic IAWA General Membership Meeting

T.J.English gives an address How It’s New York: IrishAmerican Writers and Artists Inc. was founded in and is mostly active in New York City with members regularly traveling in from New Jersey, Connecticut, and Washington, DC. This event was held at the Irish Consulate on Park Avenue.  How It’s Irish:  It was gathering of Irish-American […]

Theatre Review: John Kearns’ In the Wilderness Connects Communities

How It’s New York: Irish American John Kearns is a playwright, poet and novelist who lives in the Bronx. His rousing and raucous play In the Wilderness is set in . . .  the-the-the Bronx during 1987. How It’s Irish: Em? There’s an Irish teacher in the play and the character most like Mr. Kearns […]