“The Dead, 1904” is agonizingly beautiful

Ray Foley attended Irish Rep/American Irish Historical Society’s “The Dead, 1904:” beautiful and agonizing.

Staged reading of ‘The Dead’

A staged reading of “The Dead” by James Joyce takes place tonight, Sat., Jan. 28th, with a starry cast, to benefit Fusion Theatre.

Riverdance at 20 is as good as you remember – only better

Going into its 20th anniversary, the latest Riverdance tour feels as lively and energetic as it did when the dancers first thundered and soft-shoed their way onto the stage.

Savage F*cks of Dublintown – Kevin Holohan, Honor Molloy, Maeve Price and Michelle Woods read Joyce, Brennan, McCabe and more*

Three contributors to New York Irish Arts read from their work and from the work of famous writers!

Bloomsday is Be Irish in June day!

Happy Bloomsday! Some events going on today, a gorgeous sunshiney June one.

Kearns Reads from Works, Talks Molly Maguires in Dublin

Irish American Writers & Artists Treasurer and Salon Producer John Kearns will be reading from his own works and giving a talk about the Molly Maguires in Dublin next week.

What are you doing for Bloomsday?

Bloomsday is Sunday, June 16! What will you be doing? See you at Ulysses!

“Himself and Nora” — Irish Literary Genius in 5-Part Harmony

L.E. McCullough reviews Jon Brielle’s “Himself and Nora”: “a well-structured ensemble piece”

Giving Joyce a Voice: Interview with Playwright-Composer Jonathan Brielle

L.E. McCullough talks to Jonathan Brielle, author of “Himself and Nora,” a play about James Joyce appearing in Rahway, N.J>, from April 24 to Mau 12.

The Musical James Joyce: “Himself and Nora” premieres in Rahway, NJ

L.E. McCullough previews the new play “Himself and Nora,” which appears at Hamilton Stage in the Rahway, New Jersey, produced by the American Theater Group, April 24 – May 12/

Books: Michelle spends Bloomsday in Bed

Izzie finds a good use for Ulysses How it’s New York: I was in me bed upstate! How it’s Irish: the BBC produce an all-day radio adaptation of Ulysses on Bloomsday Bloomsday was almost a month ago. This summer is flying by! One voice not heard from in all of our posts- this one on […]

Bloomsday: a gorgeous day for and at Ulysses

Colum McCann and Aedin Moloney (@Ray Foley How It’s New York: It all has the feeling of a street-fair– if you get lost when you get off at Wall Street, you can just follow the sound of happy laughter. Many, many tables outside, and at them, it seemed, was everyone you knew! How It’s Irish: […]

Bloomsday: Court finds Ulysses obscene

Waiting for the trial to begin How It’s New York: In 1921, the obscenity trial over Ulysses took place in NYC. In 2012, the mock obscenity trial of “New York State vs. Anderson and Heap” also took place in NYC: in the Supreme Court Ceremonial Courtroom on Centre Street, courtesy of the Irish American Bar […]

Bloomsday: A Rare Ould Time at The Irish Consulate

@James Higgins How it’s New York:  Luncheon was served at The Irish Consulate. Although it’s 17 storeys above Park Avenue, technically the Consulate is Irish soil. How it’s Irish:  Celebrating one of Ireland’s most magnificent writers, James Joyce. Bloomsday reports are coming in! What a great day it was in NYC– sunny, breezy, full of laughter and […]