Genocide, Theatre, and the News Media: Talkback after 7/16 Performance of “The International”

John Kearns attends a panel on war and genocide, after the play “The International” by Tim Ruddy, with the director, playwright, and two well-known journalists who’ve reported on genocide.

Short Story “Tulip Street” by John Kearns

Sailing the sea is perilous, in Ireland or in Philadelphia. John Kearns shares his short story “Tulip Street,” set in Philadelphia.

Tim Ruddy’s “The International”: Pure, Powerful Storytelling

John Kearns finds Tim Ruddy’s “The International” a searing look at war and how it impacts everyone involved.

New Ideas Take Flight at the New York-New Belfast Conference

Darrah Carr reports back on the New York- New Belfast conference held in June, where loads of NYC’s Irish culture movers and shakers turned up to speak.

Maura Mulligan and John Kearns Reading in Westport, Mayo

John Kearns and Maura Mulligan read from their works in Westport last summer.

New York Tradfest’s Saturday Night Concert: A Remarkable Showcase of Music and Dance

John Kearns attended the second New York Trad Fest, and found it ” a remarkable showcase for the traditional musicians of New York and their visiting friends.”

Giant Penises and Small Dogs: IAW&A’s Blue Moon Salon at the Cell, 8/20/13

Giant penises made by the artist Judith Bernstein as discussed by Ann McCoy, and two random appearances by the Cell’s dog, Harry, were moments that stood out among more meditative pieces from a slate of talented writers and artists at the Cell on Tuesday night.

Solas Lights Up Bleecker Street’s “Subculture” with the Trad Music and Multimedia, “Shamrock City”

Shamrock City is a new CD and multimedia stage show created by all-Ireland-champion musician, Seamus Egan, and Solas.

Kearns Reads from Works, Talks Molly Maguires in Dublin

Irish American Writers & Artists Treasurer and Salon Producer John Kearns will be reading from his own works and giving a talk about the Molly Maguires in Dublin next week.

“Irish” Seanie Monaghan Signs with Hall-of-Fame Boxing Promoter

John Kearns has lunch at the Friars Club with boxer “Irish” Seani Monaghan, who captured the World Boxing Council Continental Americas light heavyweight title last year.

Irish American Writers and Artists Salon Travels to Philadelphia

John Kearns reports on an Irish American Writers and Artists Salon event in Philadelphia!

Inside the Author’s Den at The Irish Festival, a Spring Lake Homecoming

John Kearns reports back on the Author’s Den, a literary event at the Irish Festival in Spring Lake!

Oliver O’Connell, Mickey Dunne, & John Coyne Bring Fresh Air from the Burren to Long Island City’s New York Irish Center

John Kearns reports on a special presentation at the New York Irish Center with Oliver O’Connell, Mickey Dunne, and John Coyne, to bring awareness to the Michael Dunleavy Foundation.

Irish American Writers and Artists Salon, April 2, 2013 … “All those astounding…words…”

Karen Daly runs down the latest IAW&A salon!