Enda Walsh’s ‘Arlington’ leaves an aftertaste

Gwen Orel says “Arlington” repeats on her, like acid reflux. That’s probably what Enda Walsh had in mind.

‘The Last Hotel’: TripAdvisor would hate, but we love

Gwen Orel would give ‘The Last Hotel’ a bomb on TripAdvisor, but a rave as a piece of theater

“Howie the Rookie” sizzles at BAM

Tpm Vaughan-Lawlor sizzles as he paints the pictures of the joy riding, violent and even sexy exploits of Howie and his cohorts in Mark O’Rowe’s “Howie the Rookie.”

misterman isn’t Everyman, but He Is One of Us: Theatre Review

(@Pavel Antonov) How It’s New York:  misterman is happening at St. Ann’s Warehouse, one of the coolest venues in the city, a Brooklyn spot that regularly brings in international work.  Usually filled with hipsters and artists, it attracts its loonies too (see story under this review about the very rude English woman behind me…) How It’s […]