Last chance to see ‘Indecent’

The brilliant, haunting, captivating “Indecent” closes on Sunday, Aug. 6 on Broadway. Hurry down.

Sting’s new musical “The Last Ship” sails on a tide of traditional tunes

Alice Farrell talks to fiddler Lisa Gutkin about the trad and gorgeous music in Sting’s “The Last Ship.”

The Yanks hit home run with ‘Haymaker’

Jayne Pomplas reviews the CD release concert of The Yanks with “Haymaker” and says it was “the sound of master musicians making words and music come to life.”

Klezmatics on Conan tonight!

How It’s New York:  The Klezmatics are a New York based group, and klezmer of course has a long tradition in this city!  In fact I just saw a great klezmer band in the show Shlemiel the First.  And trumpeter Frank London  also did the music for Golem at LaMaMa ETC which I also posted […]

Jewish Fans of Celtic Music: Jirish

As promised:  some of the Jirish articles I’ve done in the past.. This one, for the Village Voice in 2008, went viral… I still hear about it!  and I left out as many interviews as I put in, people kept volunteering..  Its inspiration came from a hungry Passover week, too! What makes so many Jewish-Americans […]

New York (Jewish) Irish: Jirish

Look Carefully… this is very Jirish I’m hungry.  It’s Passover week.  Which if you’re Jewish in New York* means not only not eating bread, but also not eating anything made with flour or any “cognate” grain, including beans.  And corn.  Nothing made with corn syrup.  You could have guacamole, but no corn chips.  This takes […]