Don’t miss ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’

“Dancing at the Crossroads” by Kevin Ferguson is on PBS tonight, Sept. 4- don’t miss this wonderful glimpse at the Emerald Isle of New York. (and if you do miss it, buy the DVD!)

Who put the T in Texas?

Tony Horswill finds Irish inspiration in legendary Texas fiddler Benny Thomasson.

Podcast #27: Malachy McCourt, Micheal O’Domhnaill


Podcast #27: Malachy McCourt and Micheal O’Domhnaill, director of the film “The Sligo Masters,” a documentary about Michael Coleman, James Morrison, and Paddy Killoran.

More Grist To The Mill – The Trip to Birmingham TradFest

Tony Horswill finds inspiration and enthusiasm at The Trip to Birmingham TradFest!

New York Trad Fest Review

New blogger Jenifer Hopkins finds the first New York Trad Fest a “celebration of the rich talent and vibrant dedication represented by musicians and dancers in New York.”

Meet the Yanks!

Meet The Yanks: four great young trad players from America, stars in their own right, and grand together.

Farewell to Daniel Michael Collins

Shanachie co-founder Daniel Michael Collins died last Wednesday. Wake tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, at the John Kritil Funeral Home in New York.

All Irish Musicians Should Own Henry CD

How It’s New York:  Many NY musicians play Sligo style, thanks to Michael Coleman’s influence. Here’s Dan Neely’s take on Johnny Henry, a Sligo musician who comes from that world, as well as Dan’s take on a new CD by Mike Considine from Co. Clare. How It’s Irish: Reviews of two traditional CDs. Dan Neely […]