Tribeca Film Festival: ‘The Public Image is Rotten’

Mike Fitzpatrick finds the dcoumentary ‘The Public Image is Rotten’, is a new departure with regards to the career of John Lydon and his cohorts.

Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Pilgrimage’

Mike Fitzpatrick finds “Pilgrimage” a rare, box-ticking, dramatic action movie– set in the 13th century.

‘Emerald City’ – A Cinematic Gem That May Speak for a Generation

‘Emerald City’ just might be the independent movie that this generation of moviegoers, emigrants and yes, construction workers, has been waiting for.

Legendary Quotes of Irish Wit #83: Honor Molloy

Michael Fitzpatrick quotes one of his favorite lines from author Honor Molloy.

‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ directed by Michael Winterbottom and starring Russell Brand.

Mike Fitzpatrick reviews Russell Brand’s documentary “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” shown at the Tribeca Festival, and finds it outrageous and funny social commentary.

Irish Music World Rocked by Claim that Geldof Doesn’t Mind Mondays.

Does Bob Geldof like Mondays after all? Michael Fitzpatrick has a scoop!

Things A NYC Irish Bartender Gets Asked And The Replies He’d Like to Give- And Sometimes Does (Part 1) by Michael Fitzpatrick.

Bartenders get tired of answering the same questions over and over. Michael Fitzpatrick knows that well. Warning: anger/bad language alert.

At The Mike Stand With…..Danny O’Donoghue (The Script)

Michael Fitzpatrick finds out that The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue has a favorite Monkee.

‘The Spirit of Old Dublin’ by Liam Fitzpatrick

What if Jonathan Swift, satirist and patriot, roamed Dublin today? Liam Swift wonders, in this original poem.

Comedy: Mike Fitzpatrick chats with Ardal O’Hanlon

How It’s New York: Ardal O’Hanlon came to town to participate in The Craic Festival, a NYC-based film and comedy festival.How It’s Irish: Ardal O’Hanlon is from Co. Monaghan, and starred in the quintessentially Irish sitcom Father Ted.A few months ago comedian Ardal O’Hanlon, was here in NYC for The Craic Festival. Mike Fitzpatrick talked […]

Theatre: Mike Fitzpatrick interviewes “For Love’s” John Duddy

How It’s New York: John Duddy lives in New York, and is in the 1st Irish Theatre Festival, a theatre festival created for New Yorkers.How It’s Irish: John is from Derry, and the play For Love is set in Ireland. John Duddy, boxer and actor from Derry, currently appears in Laoisa Sexton’s For Love, part […]

Film: Michael Fitzpatrick talks to Colm Meaney about Hell on Wheels

Colm Meaney as Railroad Baron Thomas Doc Durant  (AMC) How It’s New York: Michael Fitzpatrick is a Big Apple-based writer for the Irish Examiner.  How It’s Irish: Colm Meaney is one of the most acclaimed Irish actors of his generation.  An earlier version of this article was first published in Irish Examiner USA, November 8, […]

Books: Michael Fitzpatrick recalls Maeve Binchy

How It’s New York: Maeve Binchy (May 28, 1940- July 30, 2012) was a beloved figure in New York: “I get a lot of energy in New York,” she said. She would stay at the Fitzpatrick Hotel, and many people here loved her. How It’s Irish: Maeve was an Irish writer whose books were set […]

Music: Michael Fitzpatrick interviews Michael Brunnock

@Debra Reschoff-Ahearn How It’s New York: Michael Brunnock lives in NYC, and is a member of Fairplay Collective, a group that includes Brendan O’Shea, Mark Dignam and Jenna Nichols. How It’s Irish: Michael is from County Meath, and got his start as a singer in school there. We’re delighted to welcome Michael Fitzpatrick, from Irish […]