New York Trad Fest Review

New blogger Jenifer Hopkins finds the first New York Trad Fest a “celebration of the rich talent and vibrant dedication represented by musicians and dancers in New York.”

Sad News: the passing of Linda Hood

That’s Linda on the flute, behind Dan Shocking news this morning… Dan Neely reports that Linda Mason Hood has passed. We don’t have details yet but it seems to have been sudden. Only yesterday she posted to facebook about the passing of Mike Rafferty… and a few days ago had a very funny cartoon which […]

Mike Rafferty Tribute on Clare FM Today 2:00 Eastern

How It’s New York:  Mike Rafferty lived in NJ and played with so many here in the Tri-State area.  A Branch of the CCE is named for him and Joe Madden in Bogota, NJ. How It’s Irish:  Mike hailed from East Galway, and Claire Keville’s radio tribute to him is on Clare FM. Mike Rafferty’s […]

Safe home, Mike Rafferty (1926-2011). Mick Moloney on “The Mighty Raff”.

How It’s New York:  Flute player Mike Rafferty was beloved in this area, played yup at the Catskills during Irish arts Week, Blarney Star Sessions, and has  branch of CCE named for him (with Joe Madden) in Bogota, NJ.  Many, many musicians have played with him and learned from him. How It’s Irish:  Mike Rafferty […]

Congratulations to Joanie and the late Joe Madden

How It’s New York: Joe Madden was a beloved Irish musician in New York and Ireland and a major figure in the dance scene, as well as in the Catskills.  Joanie told me there were over 3000 people at his wake, and 25 musicians onstage. How It’s Irish:  Joe left East Galway for the states […]