Ye’ll take the high road: The Tartan Parade, Part II

How it’s New York: A parade up Avenue of the Americas – what’s more New York than that? How it’s [Scottish] Irish: Listen to the pipes and drums. If that doesn’t convince ya, I have three words for ya: men in kilts!  Intrepid blogger Sue Sylvester reports on the- Kirkin ‘O’ the Tartan, and the […]

Hauer ya gae! Tartan Week Celebrations, Part I – the Ceilidh

Mike Ogletree and Caitlin Boyle boogie down How it’s New York: In its 10th year, this is NYC’s version of the national observation of all things Scottish – with a cast of thousands…of proud, fun-loving New York Scots. How it’s  [Scottish] Irish:  In Scotland, April 6th marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath  in […]