“Crackskull Row” at Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival

The rough-hewn walls, threadbare curtains and dilapidated leather sofa set the stage for an intense slice of Dublin life in Honor Molloy’s play “Crackskull Row.”

Tim Ruddy’s “The International”: Pure, Powerful Storytelling

John Kearns finds Tim Ruddy’s “The International” a searing look at war and how it impacts everyone involved.

Theatre: 1st Irish launches: our preview of shows!

George C. Heslin, artistic director of Origin Theatre Company How It’s New York: The 1st Irish Festival was born in New York and reflects our city’s vibrant air of possibility.How It’s Irish: The Festival brings Irish and Irish-American theatre to New York.A version of this article first appeared in Irish Examiner USA, Sept. 4, 2012. […]

Theatre Review: Tiny Dynamite’s sweet, slow burn

How It’s New York: Tiny Dynamite is presented by Origin Theatre Company, run by George C. Heslin, who present the NYC-based 1st Irish Festival, present “Mondays in May,” and productions of great European playwrights- like this one. Also, the play takes place at 59E59, one of the best Off-Broadway houses. How It’s (Celtic) Irish: Abi […]

Bidding open online for Origin Theatre Festival’s auction!

How It’s New York: In New York, all of the major arts companies have benefits that are great blow-out parties to raise money.   How It’s Irish: Origin Theatre Company was founded by Limerick-man George C. Heslin, and presents the 1st Irish Festival every year since 2008 (I wrote the New York Times article about its […]

Origin Theater Company’s Benefit!

Lucy Healy-Kelly, George C. Heslin, Gwen Orel at Origin Benefit (James Higgins) How It’s New York: The view from the windows on the 35th floor of Mutual of America, where Origin Theatre Company holds many of its parties, is quintessential Gotham:  sunset over Park Avenue.  With Broadway singers, cultural reps, politicos, artists and vips mingling, […]

Ivan and the Dogs: Dog’s Humanity to People

How It’s New York:   Since its founding in 2002, Origin Theatre Company has presented 40  premieres of European plays.  Kevin Melendez, who stars, has gotten raves for his performances in musical theatre in the area (Star-Ledger critic Peter Filichia raved about his performance in Sweeney Todd in 2010).How It’s Irish:  Origin Theatre Company was founded […]

Origin Theatre Company’s Makes Mondays in May Dramatic

How It’s New York:  Origin Theatre Company, run by George C. Heslin, produces the 1st Irish Festival every year in NYC– the first festival of Irish theatre in America.  I wrote about its 2008 debut for the New York Times.  The series exists in partnership with NYU’s Glucksman Ireland House.  George was also Irish Examiner […]