This year’s tune: Catskills Irish Arts Week 2017

Gwen Orel decides on the Catskills 2017 tune of the summer. Or three.

Don’t miss ‘Dancing at the Crossroads’

“Dancing at the Crossroads” by Kevin Ferguson is on PBS tonight, Sept. 4- don’t miss this wonderful glimpse at the Emerald Isle of New York. (and if you do miss it, buy the DVD!)

The Yanks hit home run with ‘Haymaker’

Jayne Pomplas reviews the CD release concert of The Yanks with “Haymaker” and says it was “the sound of master musicians making words and music come to life.”

Oliver O’Connell, Mickey Dunne, & John Coyne Bring Fresh Air from the Burren to Long Island City’s New York Irish Center

John Kearns reports on a special presentation at the New York Irish Center with Oliver O’Connell, Mickey Dunne, and John Coyne, to bring awareness to the Michael Dunleavy Foundation.

Food: A Scene From Milwaukee

How It’s New York: You can take the boys (Dan Neely and Paul Keating) out of New York, but…How It’s Irish: See the Guinness? Ok but bacon in a drink is not New York… yet! And there we were, Paul Keating and myself, in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin for “The Session,” a lovely little conference being held […]

Dan Neely looks at crowdfunding, as grants dry up

Susan McKeown How It’s New York: Many musicians in the city are using crowdfunding to support their projects. How It’s Irish: This is all the more necessary for Irish trad which hasn’t the biggest appeal to grantors (compared, say, to health and education).  Kickstarter, Gofundme and pledgemusic, oh my! Dan Neely on how crowdfunding can support […]

Music: One of the best weeks there is, Catskills Irish Arts Week!

How It’s New York: It’s a New York Festival, although it attracts players and performers from all over the world. Most of the people you love to play with in NYC and the tri-state manage to come up for at least a day, if it’s at all possible. How It’s Irish: Catskills Irish Arts Week […]

Party in the Catskills! Week begins Sunday!

Artistic Director Paul Keating (@Tim Raab) How It’s New York: Catskills Irish Arts Week attracts teachers and players from all over the country, but as Artistic Director Paul Keating says, it’s “a real New York Festival.” How It’s Irish: East Durham, New York, was a vacation spot for Irish immigrant. Many of the teachers come […]

Catskills Irish Arts Week Needs You

How It’s New York: Catskills Irish Arts Week attracts all the great trad players in the tri-state. Asking for help, including financial help, is something New Yorkers understand. And several terrific players and teachers have been sending out the appeal to help this week continue. How It’s Irish: The week includes Irish music and teachers […]

Music: Dan Neely on the world-class faculty at the Catskills

How It’s New York: Catskills Irish Arts Week takes place in Durham, New York, and many if not most of the trad players in the tri-state make it up for at least a day! How It’s Irish: East Durham, New York was where Irish immigrants used to take their summer vacations, in the days before […]

Paul Keating on Cruising with Cherish!

How It’s New York: Paul Keating, author of this piece, runs Catskills Irish Arts Week, and about music for the Irish Voice.  If it’s Irish music in NY (and really, much of the world), Paul knows about it. Photo: Frank Rudiger How It’s Irish:   Joanie Madden organized a Celtic Cruise (see our interview with Joanie […]

Cherishing the Ladies on the High Seas- and City Winery!

How It’s New York:  Joanie Madden is a Yonkers gal, from the Bronx, and among her many awards she has a street named after her on the Grand Concourse, and has won the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  Her father Joe Madden was a beloved figure in New York too, and up in the Catskills.  […]

Benefit for Tom Furlong Jan. 22 in Yonkers

Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly, Furlong’s Pub, 2010 How It’s New York:  This is a benefit for Tom Furlong, and Furlong’s Pub was simply synonymous with the Catskills hooley for years.  Two summers ago I stayed across the way from Furlong’s and left early– 3 am.  When I got up for my class with Liz […]

Overview of Catskills Irish Arts Week in this month’s Irish Examiner!

How It’s New York:  Irish Examiner (USA) is one of three Irish weeklies that come out of New York.  It distributes nationwide and even internationally, but also always covers New York intensively.How It’s Irish:  Published by Corkonian Paddy McCarthy, the paper includes some news of Ireland as well as fostering connections between the Irish and […]