Rocker May at Webster Hall

Philomena Connors saw Imelda May at Webster Hall and was converted into a rock ‘n roll fan.

Romantic Ireland is not dead and gone – We have Declan O’Rourke

Philomena Connors enjoyed a night of romance with Declan O’Rourke at the Irish Arts Center on Valentine’s weekend.

TriBeCa Film Festval 2016 Roundup

Philomena Connors finds the TriBeCa Film Festival a bit short on great movies, but makes up for this with a strong presence of virtual reality storytelling.

From Enniscorthy to Brooklyn, and back

Philomena Connors saw Colm Toíbín’s, “Brooklyn”, at the New York Film Festival and enjoyed the subtly powerful story, beautiful costumes and stunning scenes from 1950’s Brooklyn and Enniscorthy.

The Gloaming ~ White Light Festival

Philomena Connors reviews The Gloaming’s album in anticipation of hearing them live at Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival this upcoming weekend.

Selfie – Laugh Out Loud Funny

Philomena Connors enjoyed being transported to Ireland for a night of craic via Pat Shortt’s production, “Selfie” at the Irish Arts Center.

Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Roundup

Philomena Connors took in a range of movies and events at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Check out her roundup here .

Made in China, Ireland and America

Philomena Connors reviews Des Bishop’s one man show, and laughed heartily at his observations of his latest targets, ahem, subjects, the Chinese.

Song of the Sea ~ Animated Folklore Story Charms

Philomena Connors loved the charming Oscar nominated Song of the Sea and found the music, the humor and beautiful imagery a perfect introduction to ancient Ireland mythology.

Let The Right One In ~ Not to be missed ~ Even if you don’t like vampire stories

Though not a fan of the vampire genre, after seeing Let The Right One In, Philomena Connors thinks the underlying story is so strong that when the occasionally brutal acts occur, they are almost like a side dish to the main event.

Brown Bag Films at the Craic Fest are fresh and funny

Philomena Connors attended The Craic Festival shorts, and found them fresh, dark, and funny, despite organizational issues with the Festival itself.

Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw – Overly Long Mind Play

Despite some uneven acting, Philomena Connors says of “Major Barbara” from Gingold and The Pearl Theatre, that ” you have to love Shaw’s astute view of people and society.”

Moya Brennan Brings Irish Christmas Spirit to New York

Christmas was unwrapped at Klub 45 on Sunday night, with Moya Brennan, Cormac De Barra and Ashley Davis easing us into the spirit of the season.

Damien Rice is back!

How it’s New York: Damien Rice appeared on The Late Show with Letterman to promote his new album How it’s Irish: He is an internationally successful Irish singer songwriter After an eight-year sabbatical following his best selling album,’O‘, Damien Rice is back with a new release, ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy‘. This time he is accompanied […]