May You Be Sealed: Yom Kippur

This is a reprint of the post I did last year — while the events are now a year old, the basic ideas in this post haven’t changed one bit. And I love me some Joley… hope you all are sealed for a wonderful, wonderful year! How It’s New York:  Today I got a text […]

Music Review: Begleys know how to put on a show

How It’s New York: Pat Gavin, whose birthday party inspired this column, is a local trad player (“maven,” Dan writes;  how New York is the casual use of this Yiddish term! Dan, you are now officially Jirish).How It’s Irish: The Begleys are from West Kerry, and this is Irish trad at its finest. A version […]

Music Review: Cherish the Ladies – Like a Fine Wine

How It’s New York:  Three out of five of the performers live in the New York area.  Joanie Madden said it is her home, she could never leave it!  (listen to her on the 2/12  podcast, and read our interview here!).How It’s Irish:  Named for a trad tune, Cherish the Ladies was put together by […]

Cherishing the Ladies on the High Seas- and City Winery!

How It’s New York:  Joanie Madden is a Yonkers gal, from the Bronx, and among her many awards she has a street named after her on the Grand Concourse, and has won the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.  Her father Joe Madden was a beloved figure in New York too, and up in the Catskills.  […]

Music Review: Joanie Madden Meets Séamus Begley

The Fifth Masters in Collaboration is Light on Its Feet, when Joanie Madden met Séamus Begley How It’s New York:  The series was conceived here, and Joanie Madden’s a Bronx gal (and a Yonkers treasure).How It’s Irish:  You have to listen hard to catch all of Kerryman Séamus Begley’s words, and his style of humor […]

Irish Arts Center’s Masters in Collaboration April 13-17!

MASTERS IN COLLABORATION,  moderated by Mick Moloney, is  the most exciting and exhilerating program the Irish Arts Center runs.  Previous excursions include pairings of Sarah Siskind and Paul Brady; John Doyle and Andy Irvine; Gregory Harrington and Martin Hayes; and Athena Tergis and Bill Whelan.  Now we have Joanie Madden and Séamus Begley–and you can […]

The New York Irish Arts Podcast for the week of April 15!


Podcast: Play in new window | Download You’ve still got this weekend to get into some tartan for tartan day– so say Frank McGreal, who’s supervising the Tartan Day Parade on Saturday (and also serves on board of Directors for St. Patrick’s Day Parade!).  Margaret Kennedy and Leslie Denninger describe the 10K run in kilts […]